Morticia Addams Costume

Morticia Addams Costume

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Yesterday we showed you how to create Wednesday’s outfit from the The Addams Family/Values and today we’ll be looking at how to make your own Morticia Addams costume, a perfect combination for mothers and daughters, siblings or friends for cosplay convention and Halloween. A great example (pictured) of how this could come together for two people going to a fancy dress or Halloween party.

Morticia Addams is originally introduced to us in comic form by artist Charles Addams (see what he did there) as an archetype matriarch, progressing to a movie series and 60’s television series described as a thin woman with jet black hair, flowing black dress and pale skin, so typical vampire stuff.

We’re going to be covering everything you need to transform into this character including: dress, hair/wig, makeup aswell as finishing touches to bring everything together into one cohesive look. 

Morticia Addams Wig

Secret Wishes Costume The Addams Family Deluxe Morticia Wig, Black, One SizeMapofBeauty 40

You know the drill, starting from the top of her outfit and working our way down the first item you’ll need is a wig. Morticia has black locks that go just below her shoulders. If you’re lucky enough to have hair this long and color then you’re all set to go if not you have a few options to choose from.

Either wear a wig like the selection we’ve picked out for you above or dye and style your hair appropriately (if it is long enough but not the right color). Check out local costume stores for cheap wigs if you’re thinking of sourcing locally. Apply a little oil and hairspray after styling for an enhanced sheen.

Morticia Addams Dress

WMU Addams Family Morticia MediumSecret Wishes Women’s Addams Family, Adult Morticia Addams Costume and Wig, Black, X-Small

Next up we’ll need Morticia’s black dress, as simple black flowing garment that trails along the floor but you’ll want something slightly shorter so you don’t trip over yourself at whatever convention or event you are attending. We have chosen two premade option above that you could slip on in a rush but you could easily opt for a black maxi dress instead for the same effect.

The first set includes black dress with spider web mesh drapes for an authentic spooky Halloween finish. The second set includes long dress with wig. Add a pair of shoes, wig mentioned above, paint your nails black and do your makeup as specified below and you’re ready to go!

Morticia Addams Makeup

We’re almost done all we have left to do is makeup, essential as a vampire you want to get that unique pale look. Check out this quick three minute tutorial to use as a guide (the same artist that did Wednesday’s makeup look).

  • Start by applying primer to your eyelids once again. Then use black eye shadow on an angle brush to fill in your eyebrows. Now apply white eye shadow underneath your brow bone and on your lid.
  • Then create a dark cat eye effect using a second brush for leverage as shown. After that line your eyes with black liquid liner. Apply your favorite mascara to both lashes aswell as false lashes to your upper lashes too. Begin contouring your cheeks and nose a little (not too much as you want to retain that pale finish). Line your lips with a plum lip liner and then fill in completely with lipstick.

No Morticia Addams cosplay would be complete without a few red roses and a pair of scissors to cut the tops off with! There you have it a completed Morticia Addams outfit, check out Wednesday cosplay guide where we go as in-depth as we just have here. Also don’t forget to check out our social media pages especially Pinterest where we are most active.

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