Mother Gothel Costume

mother gothel costume

photo credit: Flickr

Looking to recreate a Mother Gothel costume for cosplay or Halloween? You’ve come to the right place, online there are very few guides that really go into great detail on this character’s attire.

Mother Gothel is a Disney villain from movie Tangled based on the classic tale of Rapunzel who everyone loves to hate, if you’ve always wanted to know who locked Rapunzel up you’re looking at her. Despite this villainous trait she seems surprising negative towards the world, even encouraging Rapunzel to be cynical towards people.

Technically there isn’t even an official costume so this will require a little creativity and putting separate elements together to bring a cohesive outfit together that looks the part.

Mother Gothel Costume Dress

medieval gownThe first item that she wears is a red medieval style dress with gold trim as the reference image above shows, as I mentioned there is no official costume so to begin scour your local thrift stores for old fashioned dresses you can use.

Here is a red dress with plenty of gold accents like Mother Gothel’s, it may not be an exact replica but it would work well with the wig and makeup below so people recognize the character you’re portraying.

It does come with matching gold and red headpiece so leave this aside for another time. If this red dress doesn’t tickle your fancy check out the other red colored Renaissance/Medieval themed outfit that have a similar colorscheme.

Click Here for Pictured Dress

Mother Gothel Wig

mother gothel wigNext up is Mother Gothel’s curly black hair, thankfully there are wigs available specifically made for this character however I can’t be sure they’ll be available come Halloween so along with her wig I’ve picked out others of a similar style.

Here is the perfect accompaniment to your red and gold dress above, other wigs are ‘ringlet-y’ this has more pronounced curls that aren’t as tight although you can check those out also.

If a wig isn’t your style natural hair is fine as long as it’s dark to start (use dye if not) then curl after applying your favorite heat resistant oil to protect your hair.

Click Here for Pictured Wig


  • Promise Phan pulls of Mother Gothel’s look amazingly well in just over five minutes. Start with your bare clean face then apply moisturiser to give your skin a warm glow. Brush a light liquid foundation all over your face, lips and neck area with a makeup brush. To cover any imperfection use your favorite concealer then set it all with your powdered foundation.
  • For her eyebrow use the darkest eyebrow pencil, shaping them in a high arch. Move onto a gold eyeshadow now  and apply it to your eyelids, then use a dark matte eyeshadow for the outer edges. A final arch of darker eyeshadow will complete the trio.
  • Take a thick pencil liner and apply to the lash line generously to create large intimidating eyes, then go under the lash line too. A false pair of lashes work to add length to your natural set, then comb through with mascara.  Contour both the cheekbone and nose to create a slender look.
  • After that use a neutral lip liner on both your upper and lower lips, for an added pop use a similar color lipstick.

Finish off the outfit with a simple pair of brown slip on shoes aswell as a set of dangling gold earrings. Remember she always has a magical flower on hand? Without this flower’s healing powers she would be an old woman with saggy skin and wrinkles, a yellow flower from your garden will be a nice finish touch.

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