Mrs Incredible/Elastigirl Costume

elastigirl costume

photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik

If you have watched the Incredibles or played the video games then you will know who Elastigirl or Mrs Incredible is, and today I am bringing you her costume tutorial.

Her name is so because she is incredibly stretchy, unfortunately due to the laws of physics and what not this outfit will not actually give you her powers but you’ll sure feel super!

Helen is the mother of the family and like so many moms she has to keep her family in check and as a superhero mom that means out of harms way from villians like Syndrome. She does a good job but also let’s her kids do their part and evolve with their own abilities.

There are two main colours we shall work with here: red and black which I think you’ll agree is a brilliant combo and all of the items can be found at the thrift store too apart from a few odds and ends. 



Mrs Parr Costume

The first thing you will need is a red long sleeved shirt that is fairly adaptable and would allow you to stick the Incredibles logo on it without falling off.

Once you have a red shirt whether that be from the thrift store or elsewhere print off the superhero logo from online, cut it out and stick it on.

Next is a pair of red leggings, you can start to see the general theme here. Over the legging wear black underpants like any real superhero would (make sure they are clean).

To keep the outfit authentic before you put on the black underpants get a strip of orange felt or spare material and sew it onto the top of the pants, it may look slightly odd but you want a pop of orange in there.


Then find a pair of black boots, you may even use rain boots if you don’t have anything else to hand. Slip your leggings into these boots snugly and you are almost done.



Black Eye Mask

The last item on your list should be a black eye mask to keep your identity safe as well as your families. While the woman in the reference picture above doesn’t wear one you should.

Hair and Makeup

brown bob

Brown Bob Wig

The final preparation is the hair and make-up, Mrs Parr’s hair is in a short brown bob with a slight parting through the middle to the side. Either style and part your own hair or for an easy route wear a wig over a bald cap if your hair is prone to get in the way.

For the make-up keep it fairly simple or go au naturale with a tab bit of lipstick.

While wearing this outfit you may want to incorporate some of Helen’s trademark personality traits into your cosplay almost like an improvised roleplay so other people get who your character is. She is very motherly and has her ‘head screwed on’ as it were.

So there you have it, all of the items you’ll need and then some. Have fun!

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