Ned Flanders Costume

ned flanders costume

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Ned Flanders is everyone’s favourite Bible lover character from the hit show The Simpsons, as with all of Matt Groening’s other characters this outfit is incredibly easy to put together and most of the items you need can be found in most people’s wardrobe (the clothes part).

Homer absolutely loathes Flanders, probably because he seems to have the perfect life with a perfect family and follows the Bible to the ‘t’. What Homer doesn’t know is that Flanders had a difficult childhood and was spanked to suppress his anger meaning he finds it hard to communicate his feelings later in life.

Despite this he is genuinely well meaning and a pillar of the Springfield community. We all know Ned as Marge and Homer’s neighbour, he is a major part of the show and a part of many of the main stroylines.


Here is his day to day gear, except in the image above I haven’t seen Flanders wear anything different than this green jumper, pink shirt combination.

Below is a suitable dark green crew-neck and cotton slim fit pink shirt for you to wear together.

 Gildan Heavy Blend Unisex Adult Crewneck Sweatshirt (L) (Military Green) H2H Mens Oxford Cotton Slim Fit Dress Button-down Shirts Long Sleeve PINK US S/Asia M (KMTSTL0219)


After clothing it is time to work on the face, there are main two elements we shall focus on here.

First off is his large round specs, very Harry Potter like, that he needs to see with. You can find old glasses again at a thrift shop and pop the lenses out so they don’t mess up your eyes.

Next is the brown moustache which goes along with this hairline perfectly, below is a fake moustache you can use along with the glasses to complete his face.

 Moustache – Basic Brown Large Oversized Metal Frame Clear Lens Round Circle Eye Glasses (Black-Gold)


The last part of the face is of course the hair, you do not need a wig for this if your natural hair is brown and most people won’t.

Flanders has short, brown hair. The easiest way to accomplish something to this effect is to slick your hair back with a moderate amount of gel then comb it through to create the distinctive lines.


Ned always looks like he is dressed for church (probably because he is) and so his grey pants are suitably formal and easily obtainable too from the thrift store or inside your own closet.

 Kenneth Cole Reaction Mens Textured Stria Flat Front Pant, Grey, 32×34

If you are thinking about the shoes that Flanders wear and what style you’ll have to find don’t worry, he wears very simple black shoes. Pretty much anything you have in your closet will be fine.

Clothing wise you are finished, now let’s think about getting your skin that healthy looking shade of yellow.

Also for the eyes I have seen people use white or tan face paint to create a circle around their ye and then outline that with a brown face pencil to create the large white eyes.

As I suggested in Marge’s tutorial you can use either yellow face paint to just cover your face as your clothes with be covering the rest of your body or you can slip into a yellow zentai/skintight suit.

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