Neytiri Avatar Costume

neytiri avatar costume

photo credit: Flickr

Today I want to bring you a Neytiri Avatar costume tutorial, she is one of the Na’vi people from the planet of Pandora where humans are trying to obtain valuable natural resources that Na’vi respect and keep sacred.

Avatar was the first movies that I saw in 3d and although the 3d effect itself was nothing to write home about (actually it was a pain to watch as it strained my eyes) the movie itself with it’s intruiging storyline and stunning cinematic scenes not only entranced me but movie goers everywhere.

Which is evident when you realise it is the highest grossing film of all time just in front of David Cameron’s other hit The Titanic. He sure has a knack for directing blockbusters and the time he spent on Avatar, over ten years, crafting the characters and their culture even a language was worth waiting for.

Body Suit

neytiri outfitAs a Na’vi her whole body is blue with darker blue marks coming towards the middle therefore it would be highly inconvenient to paint your whole body instead you can wear a body suit with the characters design already on it and focus on the rest of the things you’ll need to put together.

Click Here for Pictured Costume

The pictured outfit is perfect for this character and includes everything you see in the image: jumpsuit, tail, apron and arm gauntlet.

Hair & Makeup

This makes up the bulk of the tutorial, starting with the hair and face makeup (if the set doesn’t include a mask and wig along with it). We’ll use this super popular video with over seven million views as a guideline for what to do for this look. I think you’ll agree she does a brilliant job portraying the character and I especially like how she highlighted the nose.

  • neytiri wigTo start braid your head with different colored rubber bands to keep them in place, if your hair is fairly long this will be easier to do if not a wig would be a better choice.
  • Next as a base apply lotion and foundation to give your skin glow before you start with paint. Optionally wear yellow eye contacts to really fit into the role.

Click Here for Pictured Wig

Here is a wig you can use to pull of this look, keep in mind that some wig sets also include clip on ear which kills two birds with one stone.

  • Now on to the actual painting itself, start with a base of teal blue covering your whole face, ears and shoulders too. After that you’ll need to draw in the eyebrows if they were covered over by the paint. Then go in with black eyeshadow on the eyelids.
  • A darker color of paint is needed now, mix blue creme with black, this is to stand out from the light teal base. Create darker markings coming down from your forehead Then from the sides of your face into your cheeks.
  • Work on your eyebrows and create a cat like look using plenty of eye-liner and a pair of false lashes on each. Another identifing feature of the Na’vi you should incorporate into your face is white dots along the dark lines created before and around the rest of your face.Then we can start touching up the cheeks and tip of nose with pink blush, this will help create the same effect you see in the video preview image.
  • Don’t forget the ears, these are just as important. Use blue card cut into shape using an image online as a guide, using a black pencil to draw in the lines showing the inside of the ear. Once those have been created stick them in your hair with a hair pin. As a finishing touch and in a few different color feathers using hair pins also.

That is pretty much all of the appearance sorted other than that you’ll want weapons to keep you safe in Pandora, Neytiri in particular always had her bow and arrow at hand but besides weapons the best form of defence is knowledge something she had a lot of.

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