Opal Steven Universe Cosplay

Opal Steven Universe CosplayAt the time of writing the newest season of Steven Universe is only three days away (May 12th 2016) and I cannot wait! Season two was originally planned to be much longer but production decided to split it into two and break it up but it’ll be well worth the wait!

Over the past few weeks we’ve been steadily adding new SU themed tutorials in anticipation for the upcoming season on Cartoon Network. Today we’ll be looking at how to make a Opal Steven Universe cosplay from scratch as there are no official costumes available.

Opal is a character from SU who is a fusion of Amethyst and Pearl, introduced to audience in the episode ‘Giant Woman’ in season 1 and making short appearances throughout season 2 aswell.

Opal Steven Universe Wig



We’ll start at the top and work our way down for ease and the first item you’ll need is a long white cosplay wig. If you’ve read our previous article you may notice this is the same style of wig used for Jasper’s cosplay.

Here you’ll have to jazz it up a little to differentiate with a peach colored hair band to create a ponytail. Alternatively dye your hair or use spray dye for this look and create the ponytail afterwards to complete it.

Opal Steven Universe Cosplay

KMystic Seamless Long Tube Top (Blue) One SizeKMystic Seamless Long Tube Top (Blue) One SizeAllure Culture Women's Solid Basic Full Length Leggings (Fuschia, L-XL)Allure Culture Women’s Solid Basic Full Length Leggings (Fuschia, L-XL)


After her hair let’s move onto the main event, the outfit itself. This consists of fuchsia knee high leggings, turquoise tank top, teal drape with a sash around the waist, yellow knee high boots. The first item i.e a turquoise blue tank top can be found above. Add a pair of pink leggings and we’re ready to move on.

Spikerking Women's Sexy High Waisted Double Slits Elastic Open Cotton Long Maxi Skirt,(Size:Small)GreenSpikerking Women’s Sexy High Waisted Double Slits Elastic Open Cotton Long Maxi Skirt,(Size:Small)GreenGilly Scarf (Yellow)Gilly Scarf (Yellow)


There are several different looks Opal adopts throughout the series but with this one we’re recreating she wears a blue drape down below her knees secured in place with a yellow sash drawn across the waist. With a long turquoise slitted maxi skirt and yellow scarf as the sash we can move onto the next items.

ELLIE GOGO N Womens Yellow Boots, Size - 7ELLIE GOGO N Womens Yellow Boots, Size – 7


Continue with a pair of yellow knee high highs. Opal stands tall as she’s always on tip toes, this’ll put too much strain on your feet to do this while cosplaying so boots are a good alternative.

Opal Steven Universe Gem

Finish off with Opal’s gem, all Steven Universe characters have a gem that gives them an array of super powers and abilities. In this case Opal’s gem is positioned on her forehead, you can apply this with eyelash glue to keep it in place firmly but easy enough to peel off after a day of cosplay.

There you have it, a completed Opal cosplay ready for conventions, fancy dress and Halloween. As mentioned above there are tons of new Steven Universe guides on the blog so be sure to check those out. Before you leave don’t forget to join our social media channels for updates on the newest tutorials each and every week.

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