Pearl Steven Universe Costume

Pearl Steven Universe CostumeHello everyone, Halloween may be over for now however we’re still bringing you costume tutorials for the year round and today I want to add another Steven Universe themed tutorial to the blog. A popular animated show from Cartoon Network created by the same people as Adventure Time.

Pearl is generally regarded as the main protagonist of the series however this hasn’t stopped her popularity amongst fans and viewers alike. With a good head on her shoulders she joins the Crystal Gems in rebellion against Gem Homeworld.

Today we’ll be looking at how to create your own Pearl Steven Universe Costume for cosplay and Halloween from scratch as there is no official outfit available at the time of writing including: her hairstyle, clothing and sword.

Pearl Steven Universe Cosplay

J.TOMSON Women’s Short Sleeve Fitted Peplum Top CORAL SBasic Solid Biker Short Spandex Yoga Leggings (12 inch, Yellow)

The first items you’ll need to create a base for your Pearl outfit that can be developed slightly later is a light blue short sleeved top. A pair of yellow shorts and a blue length of fabric or ribbon to bring the whole thing together and add shape to your top.

If you have trouble finding these items in your local thrift store (check back often as new stock is added) or if you’d prefer to buy online check out the options laid out for you above. Chances are you already have a few of the items in your existing closet anyway which will help keep costs down too.

One detail you’ll need for your turquoise top is a yellow star in the centre. Simply sew on a piece of yellow fabric cut into a star shape or in the interests of keeping things simply use an iron on appliqué star instead.

LE MIU SIMPLE Women’s Casual Solid Plain Ballet Comfort Soft Slip On Flats ShoesNew Colors25x18mm Pearl H310 Flat Back Acrylic Oval Cabochons High Quality Pro Grade – 20 Pieces

There are a few finishing touches you’ll need to add before you complete her attire. First up you’ll want a pair of mint blue ballet flats, make sure you pair these with a pair of light pink/coral socks.

Another small detail that will work wonders for this character in particular is a small acrylic oval cabochon to place in the centre of your forehead using eyelash glue (so it can be easily peeled off later).

Pearl Steven Universe Cosplay Sword

Sword Art Online Kirito Kirigaya Dark Repulsor Foam LARP Sword

The next piece to the puzzle is a sword, Pearl needs a weapon on hand if she wants even the slightest chance of survival defending Earth against extra terrestrial threats. As I mentioned above unfortunately there isn’t an official Pearl cosplay available at the time of writing however this blue cosplay sword will do the trick.

Pearl Steven Universe Hair

Pink Pearl Cosplay Wig

You really want to get Pearl’s hair done correctly to successfully pull off her look, her hair is a light pink/coral color and you’ll want to recreate this using either a wig or hair dye and plenty of hair gel and glue to keep it in place.

A popular way or emulating her style is forming a fabric hair cone moulding a cheap light pink wig over it, this completely reduces the need for hair gel/spray to keep the shape and you’ll get a better overall finish aswell this way.

If you do use a premade wig as a base with styling and glue make sure it meets two requirements: that it’s heat resistant and that it can take hair products well. The wig above is an ideal color and is heat resistant too so you can’t really go wrong.

There you have it a completed Pearl Steven Universe Cosplay for Halloween and conventions. Bring a bunch of friends along dressed as other characters if you want to make it a group activity. I’ve been adding Steven Universe tutorials lately so be sure to check them all out and keep coming back as I’ll be publishing more in due course.

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