Peeta Mellark Hunger Games Costume

photo credit: Flickr

photo credit: Flickr

If you are looking to create your own Peeta Mellark costume based on the dystopia hit the Hunger Games you’ve come to the right place. Everyone knows of the love triangle existing between Katniss and her two love interests so this outfit is in hot demand.

So today I watched the second movie, I watched the first a while back as it was on one of the movie channels this time I watched on Netflix and it was a thoroughly enjoyable sitting.

Baker Boy Outfit

basic apron

Basic Bib White Apron

There are several different outfits you may want to recreate the first being the one he is wearing when we are first introduced to him in the books/movies i.e throwing a burnt piece of bread to a hungry Katniss.

To emulate this baker boy outfit you will need the long white chef’s apron and a pair of grey pants. These aren’t going to be sparkling clean so make sure to get them a little ruffed up beforehand.

Above is a basic white bib apron you can use to start off the look just make sure you ruff it up a little with some mud or dirt to give it a used look and more reminiscent of District 12 clothing.


grey shirtThe next outfit you may want to recreate is the Reaping outfit, this is when everyone comes to the ceremony to be chosen for the Hunger Games it is a nerve racking time for anyone.

This is another simple assembly, all you will need is a buttoned light grey shirt (you can get this from a second hand store) and dark grey pants.

Light Grey Buttoned Shirt 

Peeta Mellark Tribute Parade Costume

shiny leather jacket

Shiny Black Wind Breaker

Another memorable outfit is the tribute parade one, he may not have been the ‘Girl on Fire’ who stole all of the attention however his outfit is still sleek and fitting for making a big impression.

You want a shiny black leather jacket with collar and equally black tight pants. Better take someone you know as Katniss the Girl on Fire to make this costume a bit more recognizable.

It is surprising tricky to find a shiny leather black jacket as they all look dull, not good but the one I found above is actually shiny although not leather although it has a similar look.

Training Centre

discrict 12 training shirt

District 12 Training Shirt 

The penultimate outfit and one that is quite popular is the training center clothing, I think people like the three colours of red silver and black together and this is the part in the movie that things get real, people have to prepare to actually kill in the arena.

Once you have the District 12 shirt you will need the other items to go along with it, those are black striped tight athletic pants and brown leather boots (something that someone could do combat in).

camo paint sticksAbove is a replica shirt direct from Lionsgate Film with the red silver and black design on it and number 12 on the shoulder, it’s also a great all year gift for the movie lovers.


Aside from the clothing Peeta was known to be very skilled with art and camouflage, Katniss was very surprised to see his arm camouflaging with a tree in the training arena perfectly using just paints.

Here (pictured) are three different camp paint sticks you can use for your arms and face if you so wish.

Camo Stick Paints 

Arena Costume

hunger games jacket

Hunger Games Movie Jacket 

The final outfit I want to touch upon is the arena outfit, this is the one we see the most in the movie yet it isn’t complicated at all. I guess when you are in a combat situation simple is better.

This is what some would call a closet cosplay meaning that all of the items you will need could be found already in your closet (no cost). These are a black short sleeved t shirt, light brown camo pants, hooded black and red jacket and black or brown combat boots.

Your clothing may be sorted for the arena but Peeta also ended up getting a bit dirty with mud all over his face. You don’t need to go to extremes but a little brown and green camo face paints across your cheeks would do the trick. Your clothes could also do with a little ruff-housing to keep in line with the dirty rugged look.


peeta mellark hairstyle

photo credit: Flickr

The clothing has been discussed above the last thing to think about is the hair, it is best to copy Peeta style and colour for the best result. He has sandy blonde brown hair, sometimes it is on one side of the spectrum (blonde) and other times all the way to brown. Shoot for somewhere in the middle.

While outside the arena his hair is styled with a little gel (I’m guessing) and a comb but in the arena it’s a little more messy understandably.

I felt the site was lacking in the Hunger Games department probably because I’d only watched the first movie before today although today I watched the second Catching Fire to brush up on my knowledge. Needless to say you’ll be seeing future tutorials for other characters soon for now have fun with this outfit!


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