Piper Chapman Costume

Piper Chapman CostumeToday we’ll be looking at how to put together your own Piper Chapman costume from scratch, ideal for cosplay conventions and Halloween including everything you’ll need to transform into this inmate: prison style scrubs, wig, and name badge.

Orange is the New Black took the world by storm when it premièred on subscription television service Netflix back in 2013. Featuring the antics of Piper Chapman as she gets busted for drug smuggling, getting arrested and settling into prison life.

The show was quickly bought to mainstream attention as Netflix became a household name. Entering its third season and remaining as popular as ever, it’s the perfect inspiration for costume ideas this year whether it be for cosplay or Halloween come October.

Piper Chapman Wig

Womens Prisoner Costume Wig Shoulder Length Blonde Wig Piper Chapman Style Wig

We’ll begin at the top and work our way down so that means starting with Piper’s hair. If your hair isn’t naturally blond you’ll need a wig or else you’ll be mistaken for another character. Here is an ideal silver blond wig for this character that will work well although any similar shoulder length blond wig would work well.

Piper Chapman Prison Outfit

NATURAL UNIFORMS Women’s Scrub Set Medical Scrub Top and Pants XL ORANGENATURAL UNIFORMS Women’s Scrub Set Medical Scrub Top and Pants M Khaki

Next up you’ll need Piper’s prison scrub outfit set. Note there are premade outfit choices available that will grab your attention however they’re double the cost and all they include is scrub set and name badge.

Save yourself a few dollars with a generic scrub set in orange or tan that is practically identical and add the name tag below for a few extra dollars. The illustration may not be as attractive but they do the same job.

Doesn’t matter whether you opt for orange or tan as Piper is seen wearing both across each season. Opt for a tan set if you’re going as a pair (Alex Vause couples) for better differentiation as Alex is usually seen in an orange set. Don’t forget to wear a white shirt underneath your uniform (optional) for added authenticity.

Piper Chapman Name Badge

Prison Name Badge Prop For Prisoner Costumes Convict Costumes and Prison Scrubs

Once you have a wig and prison outfit in place there’s only a few finishing details to tie up. As I mentioned above there are premade outfits that consist of both scrubs and name badge however buying separately will save you a few dollars without sacrificing anything. All you need to do is write ‘Piper Chapman’ in the blank space provided and you’re ready to go!

It wouldn’t be a stretch to put together this outfit from thrift store items either. Both colored scrubs are fairly easy to find (or use a shirt and jogging bottom combination). A cheap costume store blond wig. Finish off with a prison name tag printed off of an online template and laminated at home.

Plus you can always add a screwdriver you have laying around as an appropriate accessory that’ll help people guess which character you’re portraying.

Don’t forget this also makes the perfect couples costume, why not take someone along as Piper’s ex girlfriend Alex Vause as you can see we did an indepth guide on her outfit aswell.

Leave any comments and questions you have in the box below and don’t forget to connect with us over on Facebook and Pinerest for more cosplay tutorials. 

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