Poe Dameron Costume

Poe Dameron CostumeWe’ve already covered Finn and Rey’s cosplays so it only makes sense to complete the trio with a Poe Dameron costume tutorial. Poe is notable for being a pilot who joins the Resistance against the First Order alongside Finn and Rey.

His outfit is remarkably simple and could easily be whipped together with items you already owned (bar the pilot helmet of course), pretty much the same attire as his friend Finn as they wear the same coat throughout the movie.

We’ll be covering everything you need below including children’s outfits, his helmet, jacket and other items to pull everything together. Everything you’ll need to win a fight against the First Order.

Poe Dameron Costume For Kids


Star Wars Child's X-Wing Pilot Costume, SmallStar Wars Child’s X-Wing Pilot Costume, Small


Is your child a mega fan of Poe from Star War’s newest movie: Force Awakens? Then this outfit set may be the perfect choice for them. Comes with small, medium and large sizes that will fit children up till the ages of 10.

You’ll have everything you need to transform your child into the character including: orange jumpsuit with attached boot tops, vest, chest piece with straps, belt, and headpiece. Just add a pair of black boots and you’re complete.

Poe Dameron Helmet


X-Wing Fighter Collectors Helmet (Standard)X-Wing Fighter Collectors Helmet (Standard)


If you want to put Poe’s outfit together piece by piece you’ll want to start at the top with his Flight Helmet, as a pilot this is an essential piece of kit. This is very similar to the one seen in the movie with a brown and silver colorscheme. It’s sold as a collectors item but could also work well for cosplays.

Poe Dameron Jacket


Finn Pilot Leather Jacket (XS, Antique Beige)Finn Pilot Leather Jacket (XS, Antique Beige)Doublju Mens Henley T-shirts with Short Sleeve KHAKI (US-L)Doublju Mens Henley T-shirts with Short Sleeve KHAKI (US-L)


Poe’s jacket is perhaps the most sought after item on the list, so expect to pay a little bit more for a replica. This is the exact same jacket from my post on Finn’s cosplay but can easily be made into a Poe costume too as long as you have the other accessories in place people can easily tell who you are.

You’re getting an ribbed style collar with open fastening closure, padded shoulders with appealing stitching detail on sleeves, open hem cuffs with adjustable belt for ease, a single chest pocket, alongside two unique waist pockets.

As mentioned before many reviewers stated the references image didn’t do the jacket justice so here are a few added reference images to see in detail the workmanship that went into creating this jacket and the high quality materials used. For more detail check out the interactive rollover image on the product page for your own inspect.

poe jacket replica


There are only a few more items you need to add to bring this whole thing together into one cohesive outfit. Start with a pair of regular black dress pants, check out local thrift stores to pick these up for cheap if you don’t already own a pair. A tan colored shirt like the one pictured above. Add a belt with a silver buckle for accuracy. Finish off with a pair of plain black boots, again check out your local thrift store if you don’t already own some.

Don’t forget we have a range of other Star Wars themed tutorials for you to check out before you leave including Poe’s main friends Rey and Finn which would make a perfect group cosplay come Halloween.

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