Prince Naveen costume

prince naveen costume

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Perhaps your child is a fan of the Princess and the Frog movie that was released in 2009 by Disney and they to dress up as Naveen but you do not know where to start whether you want to get a pre-made costume that you can just pull out of the packet and give to your child (or yourself) or you want to dabble in DIY and make your own.

This is the prince that Tiana falls in love with, sadly a curse transforms him into an ugly frog, he may be confident and smooth talking but he is also a typically prince meaning he has everything done for him as is not independent.

When he is banished and made to live independently he wants to marry a rich woman as that is what he is used to, thankfully when he meets Tiana she changes his ways and he realizes how shallow he has been. He is also very vain because no-one else appreciates him so he starts appreciating himself in the wrong way although it is revealed when he tells Tiana that he is not very confident on the inside and overcompensates because of how he was treated (waited on hand and foot) and how he cannot do things himself.

I assume you or your child (adults can dress up as him aswell) will want to dress up as this character before a curse was put onto him and he turned into a green frog in which case here is what you will need:

  • Green dress robes, he is seen wearing a green outfit fit for a prince and the first part is of course the robes.
  • A green cape, a cape only helps to enhance his royal look.
  • Blue tights, regular blue tights will work.
  • Green boots, the final part is the green boots which shouldn’t be too hard to find.

While this is what wears from time to time in movie generally you will see him in regular clothes with no hint of royalty at all. He also wears a cream outfit before this one but I felt that to get that royal vibe this was really the best choice to go with.

Prince Naveen’s Cream Outfit

 Molecule Rope-belted Backpackers Cargo Pants, Medium Desert Khaki Cream Men’s Fine Gauge Silk Blended Mini Cable Sweater Vest #1950

For the cream one the items you need are really easy to obtain, a lot easier than the royal attire (trust me I looked). First would be a cream button up shirt, very simple and you can get this at the thrift store. Next is some cream khaki pants. A beige/cream sweater vest with a regular white shirt with a red tie to nicely offset the cream and white.

 100% Wool Beret French Artist Hat CREAMY WHITE

The final two pieces are a cream and brown pair of shoes and a beret hat that you can take off for your lady. When all of these items come together I think you’ll agree the result is quite representative of what you’ve seen in the movie.

Frog Prince Costume

 Frog Prince Costume – One Size – Chest Size 42-48 Creative Education’s Reversible Hooded Frog Prince Cape (Medium)

You could also just go as a frog, The designers decided to make him look cute and cartoon rather than a typically toad looking thing that wouldn’t suit the theme of Disney movies so that is what you want to try and recreate when choosing something suitable to wear. It is not hard to find something suitable at a thrift store if you are on a budget.

Sadly the kiss the frog and Tiana shares at the beginning of the movie makes her into a frog herself not Naveen into a human like he thought it would as he had mistaken her as a princess thanks to the clothes she was wearing! It is only when the two get married as frogs that this makes her a princess and a kiss from a princess in turn transforms them back into human.

You can recreate this magical movie moment by going as a couple for Halloween, one as Tiana one as Naveen. You can dress as Tiana as a princess because she actually does become one. This also makes a great idea for a brothers and sisters to match.

I hope that helps you decide how you want to create this outfit for Halloween or costume parties, but most of all I hope you have a load of fun, for any questions or article requests pop your comment in the box below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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