Prince Purple Rain Costume

My last post was about David Bowie’s alter ego Ziggy Stardust, it only made sense for my next post to focus on Prince’s Purple Rain costume. Two musical icons who we lost so close together in 2016 and who will be remembered for years to come, both showing us there is no one way to be a man.

Prince’s most iconic look is the one from his single Purple Rain from his sixth album of the same name. The album is considered his best and performed well in the charts leading to several rewards for cultural and historical significance.

In the video and album art we see him immaculately dressed up in purple blazer with white ruffled shirt, permed curly hair that brings us straight back to the 80’s, black pants and boots. Below we’ll be showing you everything you need to recreate this look for cosplay and Halloween.

Purple Rain Wig

Purple Pain 80s Pop Star WigPurple Pain 80s Pop Star Wig80s Rock Star Royalty Wig80s Rock Star Royalty Wig


To make everything easy to follow we’re going to start at the top of the outfit and work our way down as usual. The first thing to cover is Prince’s permed hair which is reminiscent of the 80’s. You could either perm your hair for authenticity or wear your natural hair with a little gel if you were lucky enough to be born with such defined curls. The final options is to wear a wig such as the one above if you aren’t ready for the commitment that a new hairstyle brings.

Prince Costume

Purple Pain 80s Pop Star Adult CostumePurple Pain 80s Pop Star Adult CostumeThis Guy Costumes Men's Prince Pop Icon, Purple, Black/White, MediumThis Guy Costumes Men’s Prince Pop Icon, Purple, Black/White, Medium


Once you’ve figured out how you will recreate his permed hairstyle we can move onto his iconic purple outfit which consists of purple blazer and jabot. Both costumes sets above include both these items, but you’ll need to add the wig, pants, boots and glasses. Optionally add a guitar as the reference images show (although not included). Bring a guitar you already own or purchase a toy one, no need to spend money on a brand new guitar just for this cosplay.

Ruffle Shirt

Showblanc (SBJKV01) Male Slender Fit Lapel Color Point 1 Button Velvet Blazer PURPLE Large(Chest 38)Showblanc (SBJKV01) Male Slender Fit Lapel Color Point 1 Button Velvet Blazer PURPLE Large(Chest 38)Forum Novelties Ruffled Vampire Costume Shirt, White, One SizeForum Novelties Ruffled Vampire Costume Shirt, White, One Size


If you’re looking for a more sophisticated twist on things why not go with a purple velvet blazer instead of the jackets above. Pair that with a ruffled white shit, black pants and boots and you’ll be ready to impress. If you prefer to buy offline check out local costume and thrift stores for these items on a budget. All that’s needed to complete the look is to turn up on a motorcycle to whatever event you’re attending as tribute to the album cover.

So there you have it, everything you’ll need to dress as Prince this Halloween and cosplay season. This is definelty a look I would want to create. Before you leave be sure to check out our other tutorials on the blog and to keep up to date follow our social media channels.

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