Princess Fiona Costume

princess fiona costume

photo credit: Flickr

I remember watching Shrek for the first time as a kid, then again then again (you know how kids are). We played that VHS tape so many times it broke and that was the end of that. Until the second movie come out of course.

Sadly nothing was better than the original, as it is with most movies but in the first we are introduced to all the main characters that would set the stage for each sequel including Shrek the ogre, Donkey the…donkey and Princess Fiona.

There are two ways to create a Princess Fiona costume whether it be for Halloween this year or cosplay season. As we know an evil witch put a curse on her so that everyday at sunrise she turns into a hideous ogre, so you can either go as her in human form or ogre form. 

Princess Fiona Dress

fiona adult outfitFirst off before we dive into do it yourself instructions for those who are rushed for time or just want something easy to slip into on Halloween here is a cool premade choice that takes all the hassle out for you and includes:

  • Royal green dress
  • Headpiece

All you’d need to add to complete the look is a pair of green shoes that will match the dress. If you like also add her wig, in this case Fiona has reddish brown hair so either use your natural hair if it’s similar or wear a wig.

Click Here for Pictured Outfit

Princess Fiona Wig

princess fiona wigAs I said about most costume sets do not come with wigs therefore if you’d like to sport a similar ponytail to her you’d either need to style your own hair or wear a wig.

Styling your own hair is simple enough, if it’s the right color simply prepare with an application of your favorite dry shampoo (this will give the hair an appealing shine) then divided it into three sections and braid your hair all the way down to your shoulder.

For ease simply wear the pictured wig, use a bald cap over your natural hair to keep it in place beforehand. The wig comes individually with green ogre ears attached aswell as golden tiara.

Click Here for Pictured Wig

Princess Fiona Makeup

I looked far and wide for masks for this character, as it’s a popular movie series I thought there would be plenty of choice but there are masks for Donkey and Shrek none for ogre Fiona therefore makeup is our next option.

It’s always a good idea to start with concealer to cover over imperfections but also so the green face paint shows up vibrantly working like a blank canvas. To create the perfect color mix the artist mixes a light and dark green paint with white, check out local discount stores for your own paint supplies although you can also find them online on a budget too.

Once you have the shade right apply it all over your face and neck areas using a sponge. Then set your paint with green powder. Contour your cheeks now in a darker shade of green, no contouring anywhere else as Fiona is a more voluptuous princess.

Clean your eyelid area with a wipe before going in with your dark green palette, put a little on your finger and dab it on. Then apply eyeliner underneath the lash line, after that your favorite mascara too. Finally apply a little browny-red from your palette onto your cheeks for blush.

There you have it a complete outfit that’s ready to dazzle this Halloween!

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