Princess Peach costume

princess peach costume

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I enjoy writing series of articles on this website that are interlinked and this post is no exception and is the second part to the Mario Bros article. I believe Princess Peach deserves an article specifically for her because she is so popular especially for girls unlike the brothers. While she may not have an outfit which is as visually stunning and intricate as her fellow Nintendo gaming character Zelda she caters for a different crowd and can still impress and hold her own.

It’s obvious when you first see Princess Peach that she has a thing for pink (perhaps she should have been called Princess Pink) so you can be sure that you will be incorporating a lot of this into your outfit and really getting girly with it, there is no way you could possibly go over the top.

Princess Peach’s Pink Gown

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The base of the costume consists of the large pink gown/dress that goes all the way down to her feet (covers them completely). You will want to find a light pink dress with dark pink ruffles around the waist or find a way to put them on yourself using your sewing and crafting skills. To give the dress some sort of shape make sure you wear a petticoat to give it that royal Victorian dress look that everyone’s after.

Blond Gaming Cosplay Wig

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The hair could be replicated using a wig which would be of long blond locks that go down to below your shoulders, on top of your head you would put none other than a royal golden crown with a red jewel nestled right in the middle and two blue jewels on the left and right sides of the crown for everyone to see.

Peaches’ Parasol

All princesses must carry a parasol with them at all times, ok this isn’t strictly true but Peach does so it would be a good idea to copy this, the only colors that will do are a neutral white or a light pink which coordinates with the dress.

Finishing touches

Finishing touches are extremely crucial for a costume like this that can be a little plain depending on how you make it and a little indistinguishable, you of course need to wear some long white gloves as well as two large blue pearl earrings to match the crown’s jewels.

What is brilliant about this choice of cosplay is that you can go as a couple (Mario) or as best friends or sisters (Princess Daisy), although she is a lesser known character she is still quite well known and the likelihood of someone else wearing the same costume would be much less.

Sure Peach may not be the most emotionally strong character out there to portray however I am sure she will be fun to dress up as either way if you are not a fan of the damsel in distress thing.

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