Professor Farnsworth Costume

Professor Farnsworth is a character from Matt Groening’s animated sitcom Futurama, a show centred around the adventures of Planet Express’s delivery service crew including Fry, Leela, Bender and others.

After Simpsons Futurama is my second favorite animated show (sorry Seth Mcfarlane) with wacky out of this world storylines that defy belief, think of it like a futuristic Simpsons. As the great grandson of Fry he’s obligated to help him out when he’s transported to the year 3000 unwittingly.

While he may seem like a sweet old man often falling asleep during important scenes when his crew need him the most there is also an evil side to Professor that is rarely seen by the others and only shown to the audience through monologues and sly comments that only we hear out of earshot from his crew members.

Professor Farnsworth Glasses

Bug Eye Specs (Standard)Glasses Nerd Bookworm

The first item to source for his outfit is a pair of thick lenses glasses, the thicker the better. In the show Professor Farnsworth’s spectacles have a slight blue tint to them, perhaps they act as glasses aswell as goggles considering all the dangerous experiments he’s doing at any one time.

I couldn’t find an exact replica of the spectacles Professor wears however coke bottle glasses work extremely well for this, creating the perfect eye-boggled look. If you want to do it yourself, select two plastic shot glasses as lenses then attach both to a black elastic band to keep in place.

Professor Farnsworth Lab Coat

Natural Uniforms Unisex 40 Inch Lab Coat L WhiteDickies Unisex 40 Inch Lab Coat,White,Medium

After that you’ll need a standard white lab coat, as a mad scientist of sorts he needs a lab coat to protect himself from corrosive chemicals. Matt Groening has similar character in each of his shows and Professor Farnsworth is the Professor Frink of Futurama, they even have a similar appearance/design.

Next up are his slipper, simple mint blue/green slippers you could find at a local thrift store or perhaps you already have some in your closet. If you don’t want to walk around with slippers on at a Halloween or fancy dress party then opt for green colored shoes or sandals instead.

Bald Cap

Woochie by Cinema Secrets Men’s Bald Cap Beige, Multi, One Size

We’re almost done now with the final addition to your costume being a bald cap, this is a great choice for people who are already bald however if you’re not a cap will come in handy to achieve the same look. Best if you already have short hair to begin with so it isn’t as noticeable.

It’s not only clothing that makes up a character but also personality, one thing you can adopt into portraying this character yourself is his unique speech pattern. The creator Matt Groening pointed out that he wanted Professor Farnsworth’s voice to be a combination of all the wizard-like characters you’d hear as a kid with a noticeable shaky tone to it. Add in a few jokes about needing Amy Wong’s blood type and you’re well on your way to a perfect cosplay.

If you’re a big fan of the show like me then why not dress up as an obscure character in Professor Farnsworth costume this Halloween, he may be a well known character but it’s not the first costume idea you’d think of which mean you’ll stand out and be unique. Better yet gather a bunch of friends together and each dress as a different character from Planet Express’s delivery team.

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