Professor Lupin Costume (Harry Potter)

homemade professor lupin costumeAs I am building out this site and adding posts to it I keep thinking what different movies and tv shows people will be interested and try to create instructions to create costumes for characters that might not already have official costumes available. As a fan of Harry Potter I would hate if come to cosplay or Halloween I couldn’t find a Lupin outfit.

Professor Lupin is first introduced to us in the third Harry Potter film (Prisoner of Azkaban), another character who we are introduced to in the third movie is Sirius Black.

He teaches Harry and everyone else Defense Against the Dark Arts which we all know is not a lucky subject to teach! It turns out that Lupin isn’t what he says he is, which makes him all the more intriguing and questionable as a real role model for Harry.

Remus’ wig

Your face is going to be the focal point if you want to get this right, as mentioned before he is extremely messy and so his hair and face need to be so too.

Use eye shadow or black face paint to make you face look dirty especially under the eyes. For the hair you want a messy short brown wig or style your own hair.

Click Here for Pictured Wig

The next part of this is some black robes, traditional wizard style. Other times he is seen wearing a brown suit, underneath that a white shirt with a black tie, finally some brown smart trousers. Make sure that the suit doesn’t look new, you want it to had a few patches sewed up here and there and look a bit raggedy like the wizard himself.


brown mustacheWhile all of these items are likely in your closet at home or something you can pick up at the thrift store the final parts are all things that make Lupin recognizable as himself rather than a person wearing a suit!

To really pull the look of you are going to want a light brown mustache as well, his mustache has an almost ginger tinge to it if you want to incorporate that in there.

Click Here for Pictured Mustache

Remus Lupin’s Wand

Obviously he couldn’t be a true wizard without a wand right and he would have no chance defending himself against anything the wizarding world throws at him, namely a moon coming out of a Boggart (geeky Harry Potter reference).

If you really do not feel like putting all of these items together or do not have a lot of time then you are in luck, there is a cop-out alternative! Why not simply dress as a werewolf?

Click Here for Pictured Wand

This was the secret he was hiding from everyone although it wasn’t long before it all came out. Sadly when he is in wolf form he isn’t quite himself, he’s extremely well wolf life and wouldn’t care if he is putting Harry or other people’s lives in danger.

Just like any other person in the magical world he likely had to get his wand at Olivanders and the wand choses him. His wand is ten and a quarter inches made out of cypress wood and unicorn hair.

Hopefully these tips helped and you are well on your way to creating your own. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or article suggestions and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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