Rainbow Quartz Cosplay

Rainbow Quartz CosplayWe’re continuing with the Steven Universe theme today touching on how to create your own Rainbow Quartz cosplay, perfect for conventions and Halloween of course. Once I’ve completed every characters’ guide you could easily take them all and dress as a group.

Rainbow Quartz is a character from Rebecca Sugar’s hit Steven Universe series on Cartoon Network as a fusion of Rose Quartz and Pearl. As you can imagine by her name she is very colorful boasting a set of rainbow colored locks which are a mix of both her fusion gems.

We’ll be covering everything you need including rainbow colored wig, bodice, transparent blouse, gem, leggings and leg warmers not to mention makeup to create her double eye effect. 

Rainbow Quartz Wig

Cozyswan Beige+pink Wavy Cosplay Hair Wig 63cm Long Zipper Rw157

The first thing you’ll need is a wig. Rainbow Quartz’s hair is a mixture of both Pearl’s and Rose Quartz so a combination of blonde, purple and pink hues, very few wigs get all of these colors in the exact same proportions so we’ll have to make with do with what we can find.

Here’s a perfect wig to wear for this character predominantly blond with pinkish hues throughout. If this option doesn’t tickle your fancy use your natural hair as a base and add purple and pink spray dye.

Rainbow Quartz Costume

BOHENY Womens Sleeveless Mesh Bodysuit-S-WHITEKRISP Womens Dolman Top Batwing Shortsleeve Blouse Undershirt Set T Shirt Party(FBA_USA3559-PUR-18)

After the wig we get down to the nitty-gritty with the first item on your checklist being a transparent/white bodice. Here we’re going to use a white bodysuit that will work in the same way.

Above that she wears a transparent blouse, I’ve looked high and low and couldn’t find what I was searching for instead I came across this purple tunic which may not fit exactly but will compliment the existing colorscheme and not throw the scent off.

Otherwise you can check out your local thrift stores to see if they have these items in stock, just keep in mind it may take a few visits to find what your looking for as new stock is cycled in all the time.

Rainbow Quartz Leg Warmers

Women Fleece Lined Skinny Fit Fleece Tights Leggings Pants (Purple)Forum Novelties Neon Leg Warmers, Pink, One Size

We’re almost done, just a few more items before we can move onto double eye makeup. I imagine if Rainbow was a human she’d be an 80’s pop singer with the style of attire she wears. As you can tell by the items I’ve picked out above you’ll need a pair of purple leggings aswell as pink leg warmers.

Rainbow Quartz Makeup

The last thing we need to do is create Rainbow’s double eye effect, you may want to apply a base of light purple facepaints before you begin working on the eyes although I have seen other cosplayers who keep their face bare.

Here’s a video tutorial you could use when working to create this look, as I mentioned above it’s up to you whether to begin with a base of purple paint or simply use your bare skin as with the other items in place people will get a good grasp of what character you’re portraying already.

Don’t forget to add two pink resin gems to your forehead and belly button area, I suggest using lash glue to stick them on although you could use any type of glue that is safe to use on your body but will come off later.

A completed Rainbow Quartz outfit for whatever party/event you’re attending. Check out the rest of our Steven Universe themed guides as this is an ideal theme for groups! Also before you go don’t forget to check out our social media pages linked above and add any comments you have below in the box below!

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