Ruby Steven Universe Cosplay

Ruby Steven Universe CosplaySteven Universe is an animated show broadcast on Cartoon Network that has taken the world by storm with its wacky world, fun storylines and endearing characters.

One such character is Ruby who is fused with Sapphire to form Garnet. She is part of the Crystal Gems who protects the Earth alongside her companions from extraterrestrial threats harnessing their gem powers and gauntlet to fight baddies.

Below we’ll be covering everything you’ll need for a Ruby Steven Universe cosplay outfit that covers her wig, headband, makeup, shorts, tank top, boots and gem. So let’s dig straight in!

Ruby Steven Universe Wig


Amybria Women's 12Amybria Women’s 12


The first thing you’ll need is a wig for Ruby’s hair. This is a dark red/purple color which can be replicated by wearing a wig such as the one above, dying your hair with either dye or spray which is more convenient (but you’ll need multiple cans to suffice) or styling your natural hair accordingly if it’s already the correct color. Don’t forget to add a purple headband which will also help keep your wig in place.

Ruby Steven Universe Costume


SecondSkin Full Body Spandex/Lycra Suit (M, Maroon)SecondSkin Full Body Spandex/Lycra Suit (M, Maroon)18ML MAROON Classic Snazaroo Classic Face Paint18ML MAROON Classic Snazaroo Classic Face Paint


We have a wig and headband in place now is time to move onto how you will make your skin the perfect color. You pretty much have to cover up completely for this so none of your skin shows. The first step is to wear a dark red zentai suit. Then you’ll need to cover up your face with facepaint getting an even coverage with a large brush.


DanceNwear Adult Cotton Blend Yoga / Jazz / Dance Bike Shorts (X-LARGE, Burgundy)DanceNwear Adult Cotton Blend Yoga / Jazz / Dance Bike Shorts (X-LARGE, Burgundy)Augusta Sportswear MEN'S SHOOTER SHIRT M MaroonAugusta Sportswear MEN’S SHOOTER SHIRT M Maroon


Now that your skin is covered adequately to create the allusive red shade we can move onto actual clothing similar to what Ruby wears in the show. Pretty simple, just a maroon colored tank top and matching yoga/bike style shorts. For added accuracy make sure your shorts are slightly darker than the top. You can also check out your local thrift store for these items too, picking them up for a few dollars a piece.

Ruby Steven Universe Gem


43mm Red Ruby H103 Flat Back Round Acrylic Gems High Quality Pro Grade Individually Wrapped - 4 Pieces43mm Red Ruby H103 Flat Back Round Acrylic Gems High Quality Pro Grade Individually Wrapped – 4 Pieces


The Crystal Gems would be nothing without their gems of course and Ruby is a dark red. Ruby’s is located in the palm of her hand which could cause some difficulty keeping it attached all day/night long depending on what event or party you attend.

I recommend using a suitable glue that is safe for your skin but will hold for long periods of time like lash glue. Finish off with a pair of maroon colored shoes and you’re set to go dressed as this character.

There are plenty more Steven Universe cosplay guides where that came from so remember to check out the rest on the blog which are perfect for groups wanting to dress in a theme, all of which are fairly easy to put together with no sewing required.

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