Sally Nightmare Before Christmas Costume

sally nightmare before christmas costume

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I promised myself yesterday that I wouldn’t write about any more Tim Burton themed outfits, well  that didn’t last long. Today I’m bringing you a tutorial for a Sally Nightmare Before Christmas costume.

In the film Sally stars alongside Jack Skellington who normally celebrates Halloween decided this year would be the perfect time to try out Christmas with predictably disastrous (and comical) results.

While she may not be as popular as some of Tim Burton’s other characters such as Emily the Corpse Bride she has a dedicated fan base none the less and you’ll definitely be recognized at cosplay conventions. 

Sally’s Dress

sally dressWithout further ado lets get onto the outfit. As you may already know Sally is a human-rag-doll hybrid thanks to her creator Dr Frankenstein who stitched her together from different pieces of fabric and stuffed with leaves.

So the first thing to look out for is a patchwork dress, this consists of pieces of brightly coloured teal blue, yellow, pink and black fabric. If you’re a keen sewer then this is a project that you could whip up in a few days for anyone less crafty don’t worry there are plenty of premade costumes to choose from.

Here is a ready made outfit that you can slip into without worrying about sewing needles and pricked fingers. It includes the dress, sleeves and even wig.

Click Here for Pictured Dress

Sally Nightmare Before Christmas Wig

ragdoll wigNext is a wig, this is similar in texture to yarn being a ragdoll. Your natural hair will not suffice for this look so you’ll need a wig. Going the do it yourself route use a ball of red yarn and drape/glue this onto a dollar store headband until you have what looks like a full head of hair.

Alternatively to get a more professional result check out this pre made wig made specifically for rag doll themed outfits. Made of synthetic fibres and gathered at both sides of the head into two pigtails, it may not match Sally’s look exactly but I doubt anyone would notice.

Click Here for Pictured Wig


The final part to the outfit is makeup of course, seeing as the character has a fairly unique look you’ll need a bit of creativity to pull it off. Doesn’t matter if you’re not skilled with a makeup brush because there are plenty of guides on Youtube to show you the way such as this one:

Supplies: White, black, green and blue creme make-up. Blue eye shadow. Large/small brushes. Black lip liner. Red lipstick. False lashes and lash glue.

Start by taking your white, blue and green creme makeup, mix them all on a palette to create a pale greenish blue.  Then apply this all over your face and neck areas, add a little water to apply easier.

Now take the white paint and put this in a circle shape around your eyelids. Shadow with blue around the egg shaped eyes, then the tip of your nose. Outline both with black creme using a smaller brush. Add in a set of eyes with black creme again. Glue cut up false lashes onto the first line now.

Create stitches across your forehead, starting with lines to guide you then adding crosses as stitches. Work on creating stitches in the same way by the mouth, neck and chest. After that take a black liner to outline her lips, filling in with red lipstick.

As a wig the artists goes for a generic red wig instead of the ragdoll version I suggest above because it didn’t fit her so keep this in mind when ordering your own. Finish off with a white tights and a pair of black Victorian style boots.

Don’t forget I have a Jack Skellington tutorial for those going as a couple, makes Halloween twice as fun!

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