Scarlet Overkill Costume

scarlett overkill costumeThe minions have delighted millions of movie goers all around the world in Despicable 1 and 2 whether it be in movie theatres or in the comfort of their own home on a DVD now that they are starring in their very own movie this year (2015).

Welcome a new villain to your screens this year in the form of Scarlet Overkill voiced by talented actress Sandra Bullock. I predict Minion related outfits will be super popular at Halloween because of this and so today I want to share a Scarlet Overkill costume tutorial with you.

The outfit takes elements of the 60’s, great for anyone who is a fan of the fashion of that time and mixing it with modern elements too combining large hair of an era with a sleek red dress similar to Jessica Rabbit.

Scarlet Overkill Wig

Rubie’s Costume Dream Glam Diva Wig, Black, One SizeForum Novelties Women’s Flirting with The 50’s Bouffant Costume Wig, Black, One Size

Sadly there isn’t an official costume at the time of writing and for the foreseeable future therefore her outfit will need to be pieced together with a little creativity and scouring local thrift stores for supplies.

First up we’ll start with Scarlett Overkill’s large 60’s style hair, this is a ‘bouffant’ with flips at each end. You can attempt to style your own hair in a similar way if it’s already short using curling tons to create sharp ‘flips’ at the end.

Otherwise there is a choice of old fashioned wig that would would perfectly for this character. Both of the wigs I’ve picked out for you would work well with her 60’s style red dress and black gloves mentioned below with her trademark ‘flicks’ included although a little styling beforehand may be required to get the wig looking how you want it.

Simple Bouffant Hairstyle

Don’t want to buy a wig? Have natural short black hair? Then you can use this simple tutorial that will should you how to recreate a simple bouffant style in under four minutes. It may not be a replica of the character however you can use the same principles.

  • Grab the top part of your hair starting at the back.
  • Brush through and then push down to make ‘pillows’ in your hair.
  • Let it down and continue the process with each section until your finished.
  • Take your favorite spray and apply to keep in shape then fasten it into place with grips.

Sacrlet Overkill Red Dress

400BT Strapless Stretch Bandeaux Dress – Red – One SizeLandyBridal Women’s Strapless Pleated Flower Satin Bridesmaid Dress Red XS

Next up is her stylish red dress that fits in with the old fashioned style, it’s a simple strapless dress that fits with her fiery personality perfectly. Two choices are included above one with more defined pleats and the other plain but would still do the job.

It wouldn’t be hard to find a red dress you could use from the thrift store if you don’t want to buy a dress online, and if there isn’t anything the first time you check go back because new stock is added all the time in cycles.

Black Gloves & Chocker

Twilight’s Fancy 3/8Jacobson Hat Company Women’s Adult Stretch 18 Inch Long Gloves, Black, One Size

Black and red is a simple but classic color combination and one that Scarlet uses well, next are black gloves and neck chocker to work in a pop of black into the outfit casting a striking contrast to the red dress.

This velvet black neck chocker would normally fit with a Gothic style outfit however Scarlet incorporates it into her outfit successfully, the one above comes with silver lobster clasp and ribbon clamps.

If you don’t want to purchase a black neck chocker separately you could use black body paint to ‘create’ one which will look just as good as the real thing if you don’t look closely, I’ve seen someone use this technique to create their own Edward Scissorhands’ chocker.

Scarlet Overkill Sunglasses

We’re almost done but there is still a few accessories to put into place. Along with hair don’t forget the little makeup she wears, notable bright red lipstick to match her little dress.

zeroUV – Womens 50’s Fashion High Temple Oval Super Cat Eye Sunglasses (White)Aisa Women Stylish Large Frame Sunglasses Elegant Eyewear- Uv400 Protection for Outdoor (Color White)

She also wears 60’s style oval white sunglasses which make her an even better villain in my opinion because you can never tell what her true emotions are. Here are two perfect options for this villainous look. Finish off with a pair of black high heels and black tights.

From time to time she can be seen hoisting a red diamond into the air with a look of manic evil on here face, if she didn’t already have enough red in her outfit. This is not compulsory but wouldn’t hurt to have one on hand.

I think this would make a great costume for any fans of the minions but also parents of children who dress up as minions, as Scarlett is tall with a slim figure this would make the perfect choice for parents accompanying their children trick or treating.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that come Halloween there is an official costume released for all Minion fans out there that love this character and want to be a little sinister this year. Sacrlet isn’t your average villain which is what makes this such a unique choice.

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