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shego costume

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Chances are if you’re on this page right now you watched the Disney Channel as a kid, or your child does. Back in the 2000’s Kim Possible was one of the most popular animated shows on Disney so much so that fans requested another season after the finale movie had aired.

It featured the main character Kim Possible who most people are familiar with whether they watched the show or not however Shego is lesser known as the shows main antagonist. What many people liked about her was she didn’t posses similar traits to other villains such as narcissism and was a keen feminist.

Her look and design is strikingly different to Kim’s, instead of orange hair hers is black with green skin  and piercing green eyes to match thanks to a comet striking her as a child. 

Shego Bodysuit

You’ll Need: two bodysuits, one green one black. White chalk. Scissors. Sewing machine.

black unitardHer unique green and black look consists of a colored body suit, keep in mind that at the time of writing and for the foreseeable future there is no official costume so this requires sewing and a little do it yourself know how.

Begin with a black unitard or lycra body suit as a base, personally I think a unitard is more convenient as it doesn’t cover your face which can be done up with face paints or makeup anyway, however either is fine.

Click Here for Black Bodysuit

Click Here for Green Bodysuit

Use a reference image (such as above) to start marking the areas of your unitard that needs green material sewed on using white chalk, this is a fiddly prospect so either get someone to wear the body suit as you draw or lay it out onto a sturdy surface with something weighing it down so it doesn’t move.

Once you have a guide drawn, it time to gather your green unitard. Cut this out where needs then begin pinning everything into place. Once everything is pinned with sufficient fabric space begin sewing.

Shego Makeup

The second part of her unique look is recreating her greenish skin, this mutation is thanks to a comet striking her, it’s not just an ill looking green tinge she gains from this strike though in fact she is able to generate green balls of light that can melt or heat different substances and can be shot at enemies like grenades.

Before applying any makeup put in your green eye contacts. Then any lotions you use beforehand to give your skin a natural glow. Take white creme face paint on a wet sponge to begin applying it to your face softly, you want to look slightly pale not completely white.

curly black wigUse a light green eye shadow as a base covering the whole eyelid area  close to the eyebrows then go in with a lighter green and apply for depth. Add green shimmer as a final touch if you like (beware this can get messy).

Next take an angle brush to create a cat like eye lining the crease of your eyelid, be careful doing this so it’s as neat as possible. Line your eyes and add mascara thickly to emphasize your cat-eye look.  Finally use black lipstick on your top lip only.

Don’t forget to finish off with a black wig, natural hair is fine as long as it’s dark enough. In this case not even brown will cut it, has to be black. If you don’t want to wear a wig either use spray in dye or longer lasting dye for a semi-permanent change.

Click Here for Pictured Wig

It’s no surprise how long Shego’s character has stayed popular for, for any 2000’s kids out there with fond memories of Kim Possible this will make a perfect Halloween or cosplay costume.

More Shego Costume Ideas

kim possible costume

photo credit: IMG_4776

As you can see Shego has got herself into a bit of bother not that that’s a surprise of course. Another example of this cosplayers costume up close which can give you some great pointers on how to construct your own outfit and assemble makeup too.

She’s put together a whole album of photos for this character that you can look at via her Flickr page alongside other cosplayers from Kim Possible all in character.

Pinterest is always my favorite place to go to look for ideas especially when you want to make do and mend so don’t forget to check out our Pinterest page where we’ve collected all the best ideas for you which comes in handy for Halloween when you want a quick reference guides of sorts to refer to when making your own. Multiple heads are better than one!


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