Sheldon Cooper Costume

sheldon cooper costumeI am a huge fan of the Big Bang Theory series which I have been watching for some time now and it wouldn’t be the same without Sheldon period.

You didn’t need to be told that he is one of the main characters from the series along with his friends Raj, Howard, Penny and his best friend Leonard Hofstadter each one has different characteristics but they are all extremely geeky.

He has issues being sociable and would rather stay indoors than go out to a party, he also has trouble figuring out what people mean especially if they are sarcastic or doing something he considers illogical. Just how Amy progresses through the series so does Sheldon and he becomes more and more aware of what people are thinking and what they mean even taking a turn at sarcasm himself.

Sheldon Cooper Green Lantern Shirt

green lantern shirtThe great thing about choosing a Sheldon Cooper outfit is that there are loads of them! He wears a different jumper in almost every single episode.

Each one is as unique as the next with funny science quotes or jokes and pictures on them, he’s also quite fond of superhero themed shirts.

One such outfit of his is this Green Lantern shirt paired with a red long sleeved shirt underneath. Not only does he have the shirt but also the Green lantern lantern (quite a mouthful), which we can remember from a scene when Raj and Sheldon attempt to pick up girls. Surprisingly they were both successful!

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Sheldon Cooper Flash Outfit

sheldon cooper flash outfitAnother combination which is my favorite look of his is the Flash shirt and any brightly colored long sleeved tee underneath.

He’s known to embrace layers so whatever style of jumper he is wearing there is a long sleeved shirt underneath so that so you rarely see his arms.

Here is a darn close replica to recreate this look yourself with the white circle and the lightning symbol across the middle. It does have a faded look but rest assured it’s an officially licensed logo.
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Brown Pants

brown plaid pantsHis unique style doesn’t just end at jumpers, Sheldon normally wears either a pair of tan or plaid brown pants, chances are you have something in your wardrobe that will work if not check out local thrift stores.

Otherwise here are similar pants that will work well with the shirts above to complete his look.

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Generally shoes will change from show to show but standard brown shoes will be fine. The final part to consider is the hair, his hair is brown and grown a little bit you might want to apply some gel to get yours into place.

Raggedy C-3PO

There is also another idea and that is dressing up as Raggedy C-3PO, for anyone who hasn’t seen the episode featuring this character combo then you may be scratching your head wondering what I am on about.

As we know Amy really helped Sheldon come out of his shell and adapt to social situations and he even went as far to start calling her his girlfriend although he doesn’t like any physical contact still so kissing or anything else is off the cards, we still do not know what will happen with these two, will she hold out for him?

During the episode ‘The Holographic Excitation‘ Sheldon learns the meaning of the word compromise when he and Amy decide to go to a party in couples costumes, the only problem is they cannot agree on what to go as. The end result is him going as a hybrid of Raggedy Anne and his choice CP30 with comical results. For once Sheldon does something in the interest of someone else and shows that he is susceptible to social conventions.

To pull off something similar you would need to wear the robot outfit and then on top of that a Raggedy red wig and a little hat hat perched on top. I am sure fans of the show will get what you are trying to recreate.


For those of you cosplaying you can incorporate some antisocial traits into your performance so that people know who you are (although they shouldn’t have trouble guessing). Sheldon is most known for his running gags such as soft kitty, knocking on doors three times and saying bazinga! So you could carry a real life or stuffed kitten around with you at a convention and throw a bazinga in there whenever appropriate.

That’s it really, a simple look to put together once you have all of the elements in place and no face makeup or special hairdos like other choices. If you have a comment or question pop it in the box below.

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