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Snape CostumeI am currently filling out the Harry Potter section of my site for fellow fans out there, it’s been a pleasure so far and now I want to focus on Snape. J K Rowling admits that Professor Severus Snape was inspired by one of her teachers, Mr Nettleship. She took his black hair with the harsh parting in the middle, and his strict attitude.

Professor Snape is originally a potions master teaching Harry, Ron and Hermione and variety of magical concoctions. Only he doesn’t take too well to Harry which is the first time we see him in the movie. It is obvious he has a strong dislike for anyone in Gryffindor house but also an intense dislike towards Harry only we do not know why at the time.

The whole first movie continued this thread with everyone thinking that Snape was out to get him with the rouge broom spell, when he was caught with a limp and how Harry’s scar would flare up uncomfortably when he would look in his direction. All along it was Quirrel to blame as he was channelling Lord Voldemort behind his turban.

As the series progresses we find that Snape had a crush on Lilly Potter in his younger years and that is where his hate for Harry stems, he was pushed back but James and Lilly got together. We also find he is on the good side, a double agent so to speak. 


 Rubie’s Costume Evildoer Wig, Black, One Size Marvel Comics Gotham’s Most Wanted Makeup Kit

Now onto creating the costume, the first thing I want to tackle is the hair. This is not hard to accomplish if you already have black hair. You’d just need gel and a comb to create a parting.

If your hair is not black you can wear a wig, I think the hair is pretty important so I chose two different option above for you. One a little longer and one shorter depending on the look you want to achieve.


 Snape Pants (L) HDE Men’s Magical Mystical Sorcerer Hooded Robe Halloween Costume Party Outfit

He may not have needed to wear house robes like the students but teachers wear their own robes all the same and it is no surprise that Snape’s are black, very fitting with his personality.

As well as robes you’ll need trousers or your outfit won’t make any sense (and you’ll be half naked). Plain black trousers are what you’ll need so they blend with your robes.

It is difficult to find something similar to what Snape wears in the movie but I have found a close match above along with trouser (pants) you can use along with them. Depending on what is available at the time you shop I would look out for gothic robes or scour thrift stores for something appropriate.


 Noble Collection Professor Snape’S Wand

His wands are crucial to a lot of the storylines in the book and at one point he was in possession of the Elder wand, which he obtained when he killed Dumbledore. The sad part was their plan was foiled when Voldemort didn’t hesitate to kill Snape himself so he could have it to destroy Harry.

As you probably know Snape also went by the nickname ‘Half Blood Prince’ which was what the sixth book/movie were based upon. We can see from this old potions book that he created spells of him own, notably Sectumsempra (which Harry later used on Draco).

Which shows us he was a very powerful wizard with a powerful wand to match. Unfortunately the core, material and length of his wand is not known to us Muggle readers. Thankfully finding a wand replica is not that hard compared to finding the robes, above is one that you can use so you can cast your own spells.

Overall there is no shame in dressing like this character, he may have come across as a villain at times but we now know why and he is noble enough that Harry even named his kids after him.

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