Sollux Captor Cosplay

sollux captor cosplayHomestuck is a webcomic by Andrew Hussie that had a meteoric rise to mainstream popularity back in 2009 and was officially concluded this month (April 2016). It centers around a group of teenagers who accidentally bring about the end of the world by releasing a beta copy of a video game.

With Homestuck reaching it’s inevitable conclusion after seven long years today we’ll be looking at how to put together a Sollux Captor cosplay from scratch for fans of the Homestuck character.

He’s seen with black hair, a grey face with large horns sticking out of his head wearing a Gemini zodiac symbol shirt, red and blue glasses, grey pants. We have everything you’ll need below so let’s dig in.

Sollux Captor Wig & Horns

New Vogue 9.84 Inch Short Black Straight Male Hair Wig Wa02New Vogue 9.84 Inch Short Black Straight Male Hair Wig Wa02Woochie by Cinema Secrets EZ Universal Horns Small, Multi, One SizeWoochie by Cinema Secrets EZ Universal Horns Small, Multi, One Size


Beginning at the top of his outfit and working our way down the first thing you’ll need is a wig. If your hair is already short and jet black you’re in good shape otherwise you’ll need a short anime style wig like the one pictured above to pull off this look.

Let’s not forget horns, Sollux’s horns are not hard to miss so this is one crucial detail to include. Made of one hundred percent latex and easy to apply with spirit gum and remover set displayed conveniently in the also bought section. Then use a mixture of orange and yellow acrylic paints to get the correct color.

Sollux Captor Glasses

Red and Blue Anaglyph 3d Cosplay GlassesRed and Blue Anaglyph 3d Cosplay Glasses


With this cosplay you’ll look like you’ve come straight out of a 60’s sci fi movie and that’s the look we’re going for! Add these retro 3d style red and blue spectacles.

Sollux Captor Shirt

CafePress Gemini Dark T-Shirt - L BlackCafePress Gemini Dark T-Shirt – L BlackLevi's Men's 501 Original Fit Jean, Dimensional Grey, 34x34Levi’s Men’s 501 Original Fit Jean, Dimensional Grey, 34×34


Sollux is seen wearing a black shirt with a Gemini zodiac sign imprinted, custom made straight from CafePress and already pre-shrunk and reviewers note the quality is high. Add a regular pair of grey pants and you’re all set, if you don’t want to buy above check your existing closet or pick a pair up for a few dollars at your local thrift store.

Sollux Captor Makeup

Let’s move onto makeup now as the final component of this look, here’s a quick video tutorial to guide you in that department with text instructions below for those who prefer to read.

  • Start by cleaning your face, then begin by applying grey face paint evenly with a sponge and set with powder. Shade with dark shadow and then go in with highlights where it’s needed.
  • Optionally wear a pair of red and blue contacts in each eye corresponding with the glasses you wear for added cohesiveness.

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