Spinelli Recess Costume

spinelli recess costumeIf you’ve searched for this article online then chances are you have a lot of nostalgia linked to Recess and all of the other shows from the 90’s and 2000’s on the Disney Channel, I loved this show as a kid and still do although I don’t watch it anymore.

It features the adventures of a group of friend at break-time at school or Recess as they call it in America, with each one being as crazy funny and enlightening as the next as the playground has a lot of different pupils all with different quirks and personalities.

Today I bring you Ashley Spinelli’s costume tutorial, she hated her first name because she didn’t want to be part of the obnoxious Ashleys instead she used her surname as an alias.  She definetly wouldn’t have fit in with the Ashleys anyway because she was the tomboy of the group and often got angry and broke things to calm down. Eventhough she got angry sometimes and lost her temper she also has her good points and her friends could always count on her.

beanieThe first item and the perfect example of her tomboy personality is a bright orange beanie hat, in the cartoon it looks like an upside down plant pot although it real life it doesn’t have the same effect.

Here is a beanie you can use, by the illustration you can see getting the ‘upside down plantpot’ effect is easier when you pull the beanie taunt. Check it out on Amazon.

Underneath her beanie is her hair in mid pigtails although these seemingly float in mid air not affected by the laws of gravity. Use two elastic bands to keep each pigtail together, these can be red or orange to match the rest of the outfit.

faux leather jacketNext is her actual clothing, first is a short leather jacket that comes halfway up your body not all the way down to her waist making sure you fold the collars out.

Underneath that to match the hat is a slightly darker orange dress, this can be either red or orange though depending on what you have around or can find at the thrift store, this will make your outfit stand out aswell as give it a unique look.

Here is a faux leather jacket you can use to top off the dress, I like the collars as they are similar to Spinelli’s style and fold nicely for a layered effect.

All of the items so far have been pretty simple and the tights that you’ll need are too or you can use orange and red striped knee hair socks as an alternative. Look in your local Goodwill or other thrift store for these items.

Finally she wears boots, to give yours a tomboy edge these can be combat boots with a buckle like hers.

No doubt wearing this outfit will bring back a few nostalgic moments from your childhood watching the show, get your friends in on the fun as a group with everyone dressing up as different characters for even more nostalgia.

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