Spock Costume DIY

Spock Costume DIYAfter debating what character I should do a cosplay tutorial page on next I finally went with Spock from Star Trek television series and movies, I already have a guide for Uhura so the two combined would be a perfect choice for couples.

Mr Spock is part of the Starship Enterprise’s crew working alongside Captain Kirk, pictured beside him to the left, as a first officer. Half Valcan half human, hence the ears.

Check out our lowdown on how to create your own Spock Costume DIY for cosplay and Halloween too. We’ll be covering everything from his shirt, wig and ears.

Spock Wig & Ears

Rubie’s Costume Star Trek Into The Darkness Spock Ears, Tan, One SizeRubies Costume Co. Star Trek Movie Spock Wig

Here on the blog we always start from the top and work our way down so the first item to tackle is Spock’s bowl cut hairstyle. This could be as simple as cutting your own natural hair into shape using a bowl of course, if you don’t mind a trim. Alternatively wear a wig which can be taken off at the end of the night as a less permanent change.

Let’s not forget Spock’s iconic Valcan style ears, you could easily get away with these if you’re in a rush and don’t want to buy supplies by simply wearing a blue shirt, cutting your hair and wearing black pants however we’ll cover how to do them for people who opt to.

You’ll need prosthetic ear tips aswell as spirit gum in order to keep them in place, use the spirit gum where the tip meets your ear and mould it into place applying more spirit gum as needed.

Spock Shirt

Rubie’s Costume Star Trek Into Darkness Spock Shirt With Emblem, Blue, Large CostumeStar Trek Classic Deluxe Blue Shirt, Adult Medium Costume

Of course the next items you’ll need is a blue space uniform style shirt. You could start with a simple blue shirt from the thrift store if you want to keep costs down, then attach silver colored appliqué fabric cut into the shape of his star-fleet commander badge to your chest area. If not check out the two Spock costume choices above that’ll save you a lot of time and hassle.

Finishing Touches

In order to create Mr Spock’s eyebrows which sweep upwards in an unhumanly fashion you’ll need to use a combination of modelling putty wax and then an eyebrow pencil to finish things off. Another detail you could do without although any extra detail adds to the authenticity.

To finish off add a pair of black dress pants and suitable footwear. The final addition to any Spock cosplay is employing his memorable ‘we come in peace’ hand sign where you deem appropriate or as many times as it takes before someone tells you to stop!

There you have it, a quick outfit that is as easy or as complex as you’d like it depending on what details you add. Dressing up as your favorite movie and television characters is double as fun when you know you put the work into creating it. Before you leave don’t forget to check out our tutorial on Uhura’s outfit so you can go as a couple this cosplay or Halloween season.

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