Steven Universe Costume

steven universe costumeWhen I first saw Steven Universe on television I immediately made the connection between the show and Adventure Time, after some research I found it was created by one of the same producers. I see Steven Universe as Adventure Time but set on Earth.

With Steven as the main character who protects Earth from all sort of extra terrestrial threats alongside the Crystal Gems which also happen to include Rose Qartz his mother. He may be half human but he also inherited super powers from the gem located in his belly button.

Another quick tutorial for you today covering how to put together your own Steven Universe Costume for cosplay (a very popular choice) or Halloween. What I love about his outfit is how easy it would be to put together all you really need is a shirt, pants, an afro wig and flip flops. 

Steven Universe Wig

Brown Afro Wig By: Bliss Professionals

To make things easy for me writing the tutorial and you creating your outfit let’s start at the top and work our way down. Begin by looking for a wig, if you’re like me you’ll already have afro or brown/black hair naturally if not a wig is a good alternative.

Steven Universe Shirt

STEVEN UNIVERSE – LION – Mens Printing T Shirt Personalized Tee

Continue with Steven’s red and yellow shirt featuring a yellow star in the middle. Either buy a pre-made version or create your own if one is not available or if you’re feeling crafty. Use a simple red short sleeved shirt from the thrift store or from another cosplay and stitch a yellow star into the middle or use yellow iron on fabric instead.

Jeans and Flip Flops

Havaianas Women’s Top Flip Flop, Red, 37 BR/7/8 M US

The next two items are fairly simple and items you probably already own if not your local thrift stores will no doubt stock them. First you’ll need a pair of blue denim jeans, any pair laying in the back of your closet will do. I won’t list them here.

After that you’ll want a pair of red flip flops, Steven wears these as they’re perfect for the little beach town the Crystal Gems use as a base on Earth. However if it’s winter (around Halloween) and cold where you are opt for footwear that covers your feet and keep them warm.

Steven Universe Gem

As I mentioned above this is a super simple look to put together with a few everyday clothing items, to finish we’ll need something that may take a little searching for if you don’t shop online. A large self- adhesive purple gem to stick on your belly button.

Are you creating this look for Halloween or cosplay? Need any help or want to tell me how it turned out for you? Comment below as I love hearing from my cosplay community. For now Happy Halloween!

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