Stevonnie Costume

stevonnie costumeToday we’re coming at you with another Steven Universe cosplay tutorial touching on how to create your own Stevonnie Costume for fancy dress and Halloween too. Steven Universe is another in a series of cartoons that are hitting Cartoon Network and Disney XD that target children aswell as teens and even adults. Darker themes concealed within are perfect for an older crowd.

When Steven and Connie come together we get Stevonnie  a combination of a half gem and non-gem with the end result of a mixture of the two’s personalities. We have the fun side from Steven and the more mature intellectual side from Connie.

What’s so great about Steven Universe is it represents non-binary genders well with Stevonnie using they/them pronouns, great for non-binary cosplayers who’ve had little representation in media so far. 

Stevonnie Cosplay Wig

MapofBeauty Charming Women’s Long Curly Full Hair Wig (Dark Brown)

As per usual we’ll be working from the top and working our way down. So first up is Shevonnie’s cosplay wig. If you already have long brown hair just keep it out and you’re all set to go, if not here’s a wig option for you.

Perfect if your hair is not naturally brown also but if you’re feeling brave perhaps a dye would help take on the character more fully! Check out your local thrift or costume store for more affordable options local to you.

Stevonnie Crop Top

STEVEN UNIVERSE – LION – Mens Printing T Shirt Personalized TeeBasics Loose Fit Rayon Tank Top (Medium, Light Jade)

As a fusion of Steven and Connie, Stevonnie has a similar set of clothes to him although slightly adapted to suit. You’ll want to get this red and yellow star top and cut it down to size to create a crop top instead.

With a bit of creativity you could easily recreate these items yourself at home. Check out your local thrift store for a suitable red shirt to use and stitch on a star shaped piece of yellow fabric leftover from old cosplays. Next find a light blue tank top to use for the next piece, cutting it down to size like the shirt.

Shorts & Gem

Levi’s Women’s Cuffed Short, Blue Refuge, 2732mm Pink H112 Flat Back Round Acrylic Jewels High Quality Pro Grade Individually Wrapped – 6 Pieces

Not only does this outfit look great and represent a much loved character from Cartoon Network it is also fairly quick and easy to put together from items you already have laying around. We’re almost finished now moving onto the finishing touches.

The penultimate item you’ll need is a pair of denim jean shorts. If you already have a pair laying around great, otherwise you can use an old pair of regular length jeans that you’re no longer using (we all have at least one) and cut them down to size. The final item is your pink jewel. This goes in your belly button, apply lash glue to the area for adhesive.

That’s pretty much it, you don’t even need shoes for this cosplay although it would be a good idea to wear some that aren’t too distracting from the overall outfit for hygiene reasons (going to conventions etc).

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