Team Rocket (Pokemon) Costumes

photo credit: greyloch

photo credit: greyloch

Team Rocket is a memorable duo from the Pokemon series, you may have come to this page via Pinterest or Google either way I will show you how you can put together these two costumes perfect for siblings, best friends and girlfriend and boyfriends.

These two are the main villains in the show who want to take advantage of Pokemen for their own evil motives. They want to steal Pokemon to use for experiments and for money and just like many villains they want to take over the world in the process.

I always like to base these tutorials off of things you could find at a thrift store, because if you create your own this is the best place to look to keep costs down heck you may only need to spend a few dollars. So without further ado!


 Rubie’s Costume Pokémon Team Rocket James, Multicolor, Standard Costume Pokemon Team Rocket Jessie Costume, Large

James and Jessie both wear short white jackets with a red letter ‘R’ for rocket on them, these have a small triangle slit in the centre from the bottom.

Looking in the thift store you’ll need to find a long sleeved white belly top or jacket with a neck collar, then using a fabric knife to cut a little triangular slit from the bottom a little way up.

For the R symbol you could cut some felt into the shape of an R and sew it on or print out the logo from the internet.

Underneath the white jacket wear an equally short black t shirt, it won’t provide any warmth on a cold Halloween night but its essential to the look.


 Rubie’s Costume Pokémon James Adult Wig, Purple, One Size Rubie’s Costume Pokémon Jessie Adult Wig, Red, One Size

With the jackets finished you can focus your attention on hair, I think you’ll agree their hair is the most memorable part about them so you want to get it right.

To do Jessie’s style of hair and keep it stiff you are going to need to use a lot of hair glue and spray to keep it in place, for the easier option just keep your hair down.

Then you need to add the purple colour using either spray or dye. For spray you’ll need a LOT to cover your whole head especially if you have dark hair already.

It’s the same story for James’ hair, blue dye or spray. Keep it short with a noticeable parting in the middle.

The easiest way is to wear a wig, like the ones I have picked out for you above.

Aside from the jacket and wig for James you’ll need a pair of long white pants and for Jessie white shorts. Both need a pair of black boots which contrast the white quite nicely.

Finishing Touches

After you have the hair and clothing in place the last thing to do is the finishing touches that can make or break the outfit.

The first item is the Pokeballs, it wouldn’t make sense to wear this costume and not have one of these at hand just in case there’s an impromptu battle.

The next item is the black gloves the pair wear and perhaps keep a red rose on hand too.

 Pokemon Bounce Balls (4) Black Unisex Warm Half Finger Stretchy Knit Gloves

With all of the items now together all that is left is to have fun!


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