Team Umizoomi costumes

Team Umizoomi is a children’s cartoon that puts focus on learning techniques and strategy. The team consists of mini super heroes; named Milli, Geo and Bot who run around Umicity helping out the residents and children with their many small problems. In order to do this they put the sole focus on the fun and adventure of learning. They teach counting, sequences, shapes, colors measurements, and comparisons to help aid children in early learning and development and to help in making sure they are ready to start school.

Each episode of the show features several or all of the following:

A task or quest to needs to be completed normally it is a child in need of help with something. Before completing the main task the show or game requires the team to complete several sub-tasks. There are often obstacles that the team has to go through before getting to the main event of the show. Each task involves mathematical reasoning about things such as patterns, sequences, counting, shapes, or other age-appropriate math concepts.

Another great thing about Umizoomi is the fact that the characters interact with the child and they encourage them to help out with the task at hand and to get up and move with them when they sing and dance. This is a great cartoon for toddlers and young children.

Now while I have researched how to make the character costumes, I have come across many sites in which there are quite a few listed. However some of these are a lot more creative than others and requires some handy sewing skills or knowledge of using a sewing machine.

The easiest one I have found so far is on and requires no sewing. It uses mainly felt material and fabric glue. The good thing about this site is it gives a full list of supplies you will need and step by step instructions that are easy to read and understand. They have the directions for all three of the main characters Milli, Geo and Bot. Now if you are more inclined with using a sewing machine or hand sewing you can go to other sites where they will also have a list of supplies and also have tutorials that you can use as a guide to make your Umizoomi character costumes.

In order to make an Umizoomi character costume you will need the character template to guide you and then make sure you have all the supplies you need to complete your project. When using the guidelines on the Nick Jr website, be aware that the size of the head piece needs to be enlarged by 20%. The rest of the measurements are pretty accurate, but you will need to take the measurements of the child wearing the costume.

You won’t need to sew the clothing part. You can actually use pieces of clothing that you may have at home and if you don’t you don’t you can find them at your local clothing stores for fairly reasonable prices. I hope this helps you to find the perfect site to help you make your perfect and adorable costumes.

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