The Flintstones family costumes

The Flintstones are a great family costume idea that is sure to bring everyone together and be tons of fun to dress up as, if you are a fan of either the highly successful cartoon series that is a classic or the movie then you will enjoy wearing the same outfits as the family and pretending you live in the good ole stone age all be it with some modern conveniences.

What’s more is that you can choose to be either the Flintstones or the Rubbles, either one is a great choice and you can choose which one you want to go as depending on how you want to look and how your family is as in which family is most similar to yours. Not only it is good for families but also large groups of people.

Fred Flintstone: Fred is the family man who lives in the town of Bedrock and the main character of the show who is often seen at the end credits banging on the door to be let in by his wife Wilma as the Baby Puss aka the prehistoric cat has thrown him out of the house through the window.

Thankfully for someone who is not handy with a sewing machine or good at crafts his outfit is easy to replicate with a few easy items of clothing you can buy cheaply from a thrift store. First off is his large orange slip on jacket which could be made using orange felt along with black felt for the black prints. Then you will need a long bright blue tie, some black hair dye and you are all set.
Wilma: Next up is Fred’s wife Wilma who is a lot more sensible than him, she makes a great choice for someone who wants to look elegant yet simple on Halloween or to a costume party.

All you will need is a basic white dress nothing special (something you can make out of spare or cheap white fabric and it would probably look more similar to what she wears anyway seeing as it was the stone age). I have seen tons of different variates of this, perhaps you can take a look on Pinterest for inspiration but without doing that know that people have made it into a two piece/made it more sexier, added designs to it etc.

Finally you will need a ginger wig unless you have ginger hair and make sure you style it with a bun and then a pearl necklace to wear around your neck.

Pebbles: Finally there is Pebbles who is Fred and WIlma’s daughter, although she is an infant in the series you can easily adapt this for someone older. Generally people wear green if they want to recreate Pebbles outfit however there is no reason you cannot wear a pink version or any other color that springs to mind if you make the costume yourself (pink is available abundantly online).

First off is the green outfit which requires blue shorts or a skirt to go with it and then a ginger wig or style your own hair, the second option is the pink one which goes better with a pair black shorts/skirt and then a pinkish wig.

As I have said before everything relies on what you want and your own tastes and that also included footwear for this one and the other family members in that you can go bare foot if you want if that is appropriate for whatever event you are attending.

The Dino and the cat mean that you you can also bring your pets along in the appropriate costumes, whether or not a cat will want to join you (and not wander off) is another thing.


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