The top 10 gaming cosplays

Image courtesy of Amazon

Image courtesy of Amazon

Gaming is something that is becoming a bigger part of people’s lives with more and more people adopting smartphones which means that gaming is literally at everyone’s fingertips.Designers spend months designing the models and mascots in games as each character has to look amazing and therefore they create perfect outfits for Halloween and the like.

Games like Flappy Birds and Candy Crush Saga can become viral overnight thanks to this and people can become so addicted that they buy in game addons and upgrades with any spare cash they have. Did you know there is even an Angry Bird’s theme park, yes a WHOLE park devoted to one game!

1.Assasins Creed

I am sure there was a time where Mario and Luigi were the most popular gaming cosplays but actually I have started to see more and more people wearing Assasins Creed costumes, I might not play the game but the outfits the characters wears are intricate and fascinating all the same and I can see why people go to dress up as them in their droves.

From the first game most people will remember Altair the most and from the second game Ezio although this may be different for you, Conor Kenway is another character that appears further on in the series (the third game) and of course all of the supporting and minor characters too.

One thing to keep in mind is that most characters have variations is what they wear and how they are deisgned in each gam. Each cosplay consists of the tons of layers, jakcets, belts, shirts, boots and then finally all of the accessories and weapons (be safe) that go with that so you will probably get a little hot and stuffy which is something to keep in mind for longer conventions.

2.Mario and Luigi

As Nintendos mascotts Mario and Luigi make for an uber popular costume pair or great for individuals too, literally anyone can dress up as this duo- best friends, brothers, brothers and sisters, both men and women no one is left out. There is also a huge selection of sexy costume if you want something a little different including a ton of supporting characters including Browser, Wario, Waluigi, Peach and Yoshi.

For each one you can use colored overalls (blue for Mario with a red jumper underneath and blue for Luigi with a green jumper underneath that) and get a red and green cap along with a fake mustache and everything else is just the details.

3.Angry Birds

 Two really popular games now feature birds as the main theme (the other being Flappy Birds but Angry Bird will always reign supreme over time as the hype dies down).


I know its an odd choice but Pewdiepie is extremely popular amoung teens and adults alike, almost everyday I hear people talk and or watch his videos and so I can safely say he has become a household name. Pewdiepie is a Youtube video gamer who has gone viral and has the most subscribers on Youtube as of 2014 (over 26 million ) overtaking Smosh.

To create this iconic costume you should incorporate all of the elements of his videos into one compact costume: the BroFist, goats, his Razer headphones.

5.Link & Zelda

I HAD to put this up as a pair because one cannot get left out just like Luigi and Mario this is a pair that stays together, just to clear something up the green clothed character that features prominently in the game is NOT Zelda like some people think that is Link, Zelda on the other hand is a princess that Link is trying to save (typical Nintendo game plot).

There is so much that goes into each costume that it would be almost impossible for me to list the components here without this turning into a 1000 word essay. I will be writing up an article on both characters seperatly and the instructions for each of their costumes complete with pictures and the rest.


There are tons of Minecraft related costumes and accessories available to create the perfect costume. You don’t even need to be a gamer or a fan of the series to appreciate the multicolored block deisgn that makes each character so unique.

It is not teribbly hard to plop on a Steve or Creeper cardboard box mask and be on your way. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to carry a pickaxe with you aswell to complete the theme.

7. Lego

Lego is often hailed as the most popular toy in the world and for good reason, no other toy is so simple yet so revolution. It is good sometimes to absorb yourself in something other than digital gizmos and gadgets and Lego does this in the most amazing way.

To celebrate the Lego Movie released this year in cinemas why not go as a lego character of choice. You have so much versatility here to choose whatever you want. 


Pacman was an inconic game character of the 80’s, make sure everyone knows just how much of an 80’s kid you were by dressing up in a Pacman costume that is sure to dazzle spectators.

9.Lara Croft

Everyone likes a bit of adventure in the jungle which is why movies like Indiana Jones are so popular and Lara Croft is no exception. This character probably wouldn’t be nearly as popualr if Angelina Jolie didn’t play it in the movie series and so she makes a great actor to copy as you make your costume or at least take on the persona of this explorer.

If you are a guy you could easily substitute this costume for Drake’s from Drake’s Uncharted on PS3 whos is sort of a male Lara Croft.


Last but not least is the amazing character and Pokemon from you guessed it Pokemon who is more popular than it’s owner. This costume is great for anime and non anime fans alike and I see a lot of people using a simple yellow onesie sort of thing to create this with his additional modifications.

You can then add two brown stripes to the back using some felt or other material of some kind perhaps some off cuts from other cosplays and then use a headband and attatched some ears to it created using felt again and finally a tail which you cut into shape, fll with wool and sew up.

Ones that didn’t make the list!

Don’t think that because the game of your choice does not feature on this list that it isn’t a good choice. I really wanted to mix things up a little so I didn’t just put costumes from the list of highest grossing games or similar.

  • Tetris (yes there is even something for Tetris fans to wear)
  • Sonic
  • Princess Peach
  • Call of Duty
  • Skyrim

Some more obscure ones

  • Ratchet and Clank
  • Jak and Daxter
  • Little Big Planet
  • I Love Katamari


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