Top 5 costumes for brothers

Celebrating Halloween can be double the fun when you celebrate with family hence why I have created this series, the two previous articles focused on family costumes and brother and sister costumes now this one will be focusing strictly on brother costumes.

There are tons of choices out there for brother’s costumes as they are included in tons of movies and films and there are also characters that are male and best friends that can be suitable for this purpose as of course brothers can also be best friends.

Batman and Robin

I am sure you saw this one coming as superheroes are universally and always popular no matter what the year as each year at least one or two superhero based movies are brought out that reignite the flame, even this year there was a new television series Agents of Shield that has been quite popular.

Batman and Robin are the typical hero and sidekick duo but they do not need to be considered that way when wearing their outfits, they both equally look as cool and fun to wear.

Mr Incredible and Frozone

I am a huge fan of the Incredibles movie series and even more so of the games that were on the PS2 (good memories), if you have watched the film or played the second game then you will know that Mr Incredible and Frozone were best of friends and fought baddies together, Mr Incredible teamed up with Frozone in order to stop criminals but also because he couldn’t team up with his wife as she left her superhero life behind her.

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Mr Incredibles costume is suited to his muscles and the theme of strength as well as the general family theme which is orange and red with his black eye mask, Frozone on the other hand wears a blue costume with white face mask/visor which is In line with his power which are that he can freeze people and things as long as he has enough liquid is his body to convert to ice.

Mario and Luigi

Any kid growing up in this generation is likely to have come across and played one of the numerous Mario games on offer such as Mario Kart or Super Mario Bros on Nintendo DS. Unlike the other suggestions on this list these two are actually brothers and not just friends and even more fitting to the purpose.

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Different colors are again used for the different characters and again (Mario wears a red plumbers suit and hat and Luigi a green one) there is a sort of sidekick character aka Luigi, while Luigi isn’t as popular as his brother he is still popular overall and even has a whole game devoted to him in the form of Luigi’s Mansion which started out on the gamecube.

The Cramps Twins

This one may a little obscure but I sure loved it as a child and I am sure others do now aswell, this is shown on Cartoon Network and the brothers are twins but quite distinctive from one another and their personalities are an extreme contrast and so I would think would make cool costumes for brothers that aren’t so identical whether they twins or not as well as the fact that few people will even think of this let alone wear it so you can be unique and stand out from the crowd for sure.

Drake and Josh

Finally running with the theme of not so identical brothers there is Drake and Josh who are step brothers that are made to be friends against their will but end up enjoying each other’s company, this show is still an amazing classic that is sure to get attention by everything.

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