Uhura Star Trek Costume

uhura star trek costume

photo credit: Lt. Uhura

Many people would love to dress up in an Uhura costume for Halloween or cosplay, it makes the perfect pairing to a Spock outfit for couples and friends.

Uhura is from the main cast of the original Star Trek series played by Nichelle Nichols but has also featured in the animated series and most recent Star Trek films from 2009 and 2013 played by talented Zoe Saldana who also starred in blockbuster Avatar as Neytiri.

She paved the way for other African American actresses after her being the first African character to have a non-menial role in American television history. So not only was she a kick ass character but also helped many talented but unappreciated actresses into television and film.

Uhura Dress

star trek into darkness dressThe first thing I thought when putting this tutorial together was this outfit is reminiscent of Zapp Brannigan’s from Futurama as both feature a short red tunic, they can be put together in a similar same way.

Start scouring local thrift stores and fabric for a red tunic to use as a base, Ebay is also a good source for fabrics on a budget. Once you’ve found a suitable tunic add a black turtle neck shirt to create a collar (pick up at your thrift store for a few dollars also).

Now to create a command badge to finish off your dress. Use a reference image of the star-fleet to cut out several pieces of card into shape then glue these pieces together for thickness. Don’t worry if the result isn’t perfect just try your best, then cover this cover with aluminium foil.  Finally glue a paper clip onto your badge and fasten onto your tunic.

Click Here for Pictured Dress

Pictured is a dress is from the newest film reboot (Into Darkness) and comes with uniform and star-fleet emblem.

Uhura Wig

uhura wigNext up is Uhura’s hair, there are two looks to replicate: either her original which is pure sixties style big beehive, or the reboot similar to the hair in the image above in a tight ponytail.

Using natural hair is an option otherwise use dye to get the right color and either put your hair into a tight ponytail or into a beehive style with a fringe.

Searching Amazon and other costume stores I couldn’t find any wigs specifically for this character however a Dreamgirls style wig comes in close with a perfect beehive style we’re going for.

Click Here for Pictured Wig

Overall this is a simple outfit to pull off even if everything has been sourced from scratch, finish off your look with black knee high boots and you’re ready to celebrate Halloween.

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