Undyne Undertale Cosplay

Undyne Undertale CosplayUndertale is an RPG video game about a fictional underground world filled with different monsters and beings. One such being is Undyne who presents as a blue and red, arrow bearing scaly sea creature.

We’re having a little break for Steven Universe tutorials here on the blog but don’t worry they’ll be back before you know. Today however we’ll be putting together a Undyne Undertale cosplay from scratch.

Annoyingly there are no official Undertale cosplays on sale so we’ll need to use a little imagination and creativity. She wears a black tank top, blue pants and red boots. Has a long red ponytail and her eyes are black with yellow sclera with a black eye patch hiding her left one.

Undyne Undertale Wig

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Let’s beginning at the top and work our way down to make things easier. Undyne is seen as a black and white icon throughout most of the game but in certain scenes she comes to life with color and we can finally see her full appearance.

She has a long red ponytail which you can replicate with a wig similar to the one above, or dye and style your natural hair accordingly. Then add a black eye patch to your left eye. Do this after applying makeup (we’ll cover that in-depth below) and black pupil and yellow sclera contacts if you want.

Undyne Undertale Costume

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Continue putting together the outfit with a plain black tank top, check your existing closet or your local thrift store otherwise a tank top you can use is listed above.

Add a pair of red knee high boots and you’re ready to go. Another optional detail is a yellow trim across the top of your boots, add this with yellow colored felt or fabric. Don’t forget a pair of blue denim jeans and then we’re ready to move onto makeup.

Undyne Undertale Makeup

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  • The final piece to the puzzle is makeup, this is crucial to the overall look! Above is a five minute video guide on how to do that with text below for those who prefer to read. Start by cleaning your face with a wet wipe or cloth and inserting your black and yellow contact before moving onto the makeup itself.
  • The artist here goes with a white water based face paint for the base, then a layer of blue paint then set it with transparent powder. Begin minor contouring on the cheekbones using darker blue shadow (we’ll do scales later). Next cover both eyelids with red shadow up to the eyebrows. Then blend, blend, blend! After that create a small cat eye effect with liquid liner, apply eyeliner underneath and complete the trio with you favorite brand of mascara.
  • Time to create the scales! Bring your wig cap down your face and start dabbing the darker blue color on a sponge where ever you want scales. Finish off by lining your lips and then filling them in completely with red lipstick.

Another thing to note is her ears here are made out of paper attached on aluminium wire. You could steal this idea or use liquid latex. We’ve already covered Sans and Frisk‘s outfits on the blog so be sure to check those out, these’ll be great for groups, friends and couples who want to dress in a theme this cosplay and Halloween season.

I’m in the process of adding more Undertale guides to the blog to celebrate the finale, until then be sure to check out the rest of the blog for more tutorials. Also join our social media channels for updates on the newest guides each and every week.

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