Vidalia Steven Universe Costume

Vidalia Steven Universe CostumeWe took a short break from SU themed tutorials but today we’re back at it again with a Vidalia Steven Universe costume guide for fans of the series.

Vidalia is only a minor character from Steven Universe who first appeared in a flashback in the episode ‘Story for Steven’, then reappeared in the ‘Onion Friend’ episode in person.

We’re going to put her outfit together from scratch as there are no official cosplays available at the time of writing and for the foreseeable future.

Vidalia’s outfit consists of spiked leather jacket, light blue shirt, blue pants, white boots, blond wig and purple eye makeup. Super simple to put together from items you already own and from your local thrift stores.  

Vidalia Steven Universe Wig

MapofBeauty 40MapofBeauty 40


To allow everything to flow in a logical order we always start from the top of the outfit and work our way down. Vidalia’s is long and blond and goes below her shoulders, you’ll need a wig to recreate this. We’ve picked the perfect one above or you could check out local costume stores if you prefer to shop offline.

Vidalia wears little makeup, purple eyeshadow for the eyelids and some white face power to recreate her pale complexion.

Vidalia Steven Universe Jacket

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Moving swiftly on to Vidalia’s jacket now. She wear a style reminiscent of biker gals, to imitate this scour your local thrift store for a black leather jacket with spikes on the shoulders, if you prefer items be delivered to your door instead check out the link above. Don’t forget to wear a plain light blue shirt underneath your leather jacket.

Vidalia Steven Universe Cosplay

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We’re almost wrapping up now just two more items left to go. Vidalia is seen wearing a pair of ripped denim jeans fitting nicely with the established biker gal theme, most people have a few spare pairs of jeans lying around so now’s the time to use them up! The final item to add is a pair of white knee high boots and you’re ready to go!

There are tons of Steven Universe themed tutorials to check out on the blog not to mention we still have new ones left to add. Before you go don’t forget to join us on social media for regular updates and new tutorials.

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