Waluigi Costume

Looking to create your own gaming themed outfit for Halloween this year but don’t want to go with something that will be so popular everyone else will be wearing it? Why not go for a Waluigi costume this year.

Like Luigi only with a Wa- at the beginning and with purple clothing instead of green. Not everyone will knows this character at first glance however as most people know Mario games from across generations they’ll be able to connect the dots.

You should have no problem putting together his outfit which makes it a perfect family friendly project that people of all ages can wear, check out your local thrift stores for materials you’ll need to create your outfit. 

Waluigi Overalls

Adult Waluigi Super Mario Bad Plumbers Mate Fancy Dress Costume OutfitBig Boys’ Waluigi Costume Large

As part of the Mario Bros series of games Walugi is the evil counterpart to Luigi alongside his companion Wario (Mario’s yellow double) who wreck havock for the two brothers trying to go about their daily lives.

To make his outfit from scratch start with work bib overalls, underneath your overalls wear a purple long sleeved sweater. I was pleasantly surprised to find both a premade costume for adults and a kids, as an obscure I didn’t expect to find any official products. Reviews are fairly positive on both but keep in mind many people don’t come back to leave positive reviews for seasonal products like these for Halloween and other events.

Attach two bright yellow buttons on either side of your overalls for a cartoon-like look or leave this detail as shown above. For footwear you’ll need a pair of yellow or gold (whatever you find first) elf style pointy shoes.

Waluigi Cap & Gloves

Super Mario Bros. – Waluigi Kit (Adult)Super Mario Brothers Waluigi Hat And Mustache Kit, Standard Color, One Size

Next up is his purple cap with upside down ‘L’ logo. Start with a simple everyday purple cap from the store, print off the upside down ‘L’ shape to stick on with fabric glue or sew into place.

Alternatively place yellow adhesive letters into place where you need them for those without a printer.  Next use a pair of white gloves and add a similar upside down ‘L’ logo in the same way you did with your cap.

If you’re looking for a quick kit to use instead of the full outfit check out each set above, I’ve listed two as they both have different things in them and around holidays products go in and out of availability so it’s always good to have a few choices just in case.

Waluigi Mustache

Facial hair will help to bring your look together, if you don’t already have a mustache it’s easy to put on a self adhesive fake mustache in a flash that will instantly give you that trademark Italian plumber look.

Extra Details

Pacon Self Adhesive Letters, 2 in, Yellow, 78 PiecesAlexanders Costumes Elf Shoes, Gold, One Size

A small detail that’s easy to miss is Waluigi’s peculiar pink nose, simple to recreate with a touch of pink face paint. He has a fairly pointed nose and so you could wear a plastic prosthetic nose to accentuate your natural features.

This isn’t the only part of his body with an enlarged appearance, fake pointy ears would work well too. Finally another detail you can choose to include or not is his glowing eyes, replicate this look using blue face paint around your eyelids.

Team up with your friends below, each dressing as a different Mario Bros. character but most of all don’t forget to have fun!

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