Wednesday Addams Costume

Wednesday Addams CostumeWe’ll be running through everything you’ll need to create a Wednesday Addams Costume including hair/wig, makeup and dress. It’s crucial you get all the right elements in place to pull off your look but don’t worry we have you covered.

Wednesday Addams is a character from The Addams Family as part of a series of comic book strips, television series and movies including popular sequel ‘Family Values’.

She sports a dark Gothic look that fits perfectly with her weird family. This is a great idea for Halloween as you’ll want something that is both scary but fun to wear.

Wednesday Addams Wig

Rubie’s Costume The Family Wednesday Addams Wig, Black, One SizeAddams Family Child’s Wednesday Wig

We like to start from the top and work our way down here so the first item on our list is a wig. We’ll cover how to do their style with your natural hair but for now let’s look at premade wigs that can be put on at a moments notice. There are two to choose from including one for adults and one of children so that everyone no matter what their age can imitate this character accurately.

Alternatively do it yourself and style your own hair into shape. If your hair isn’t already jet black a wig is probably a better and more convenient option for you but you could dye it if you’re prepared for a less temporary makeover. Simply braid two large plaits and you’re ready to go!

Wednesday Addams Dress

Addams Family Child’s Wednesday Addams Costume, LargeAllegra K Ladies Peter Pan Collar Hidden Zipper Back Flare Dress Black M

After your hair is done you’ll need Wednesday’s black dress and white shirt combination. As per usual we have a few options above for you to choose from that are great for those stuck on time. Or you could check out your local thrift store and see what they have in stock. You’ll need a black flare dress with a white shirt to go underneath. I won’t list shirts here as I assume you already own a pair.

The costume includes everything your child will need to transform into this Gothic character including: dress, cuffs, collar and belt. Just add a wig or do your hairstyle accordingly then add a pair of black tights, suitable footwear and finish with makeup shown below.

Wednesday Addams Makeup Tutorial

Make-up will really bring this look together and give you that pale Gothic vampire aesthetic we’re going for although it’s optional. Check out this three minute guide that’ll run through everything.

  • Start by applying a primer to your eyelids then fill in your eyebrows with black using regular eye shadow. Fill in your eyelids and using highlight on the bone. Line your eyes thinly with black liner bringing the edge to a cat eye point. After that go underneath your eyes in the same way avoiding your waterline. Apply mascara to both lashes.
  • Move onto filling in your lips with black lipstick. Contour your cheekbones slightly with bronzer keeping the rest of your face pale for a striking contrast. Add your favourite false lashes but only underneath. As a final touch as a widow’s peak if your wig/hairstyle doesn’t already have one.

Now that you have everything in place including clothing, makeup and hair you’re only halfway there, how you portray the character is a big part of how well your cosplay will do! As Wednesday Addams you’ll want to keep an emotionless expression at all times, literally forget how to smile from now on. Other than that you’ll want to keep your mouth closed, Wednesday never shows her teeth.

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