Wolverine (X Men) Costume

wolverine costume

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When X Men first hit theatres years ago Wolverine exploded onto our screens and into the homes of many and has become an easy costume choice for men ever since, today I want to bring you a tutorial on his costume so you can replicate his look for cosplay and Halloween.

The character is often the centre of each movie with numerous spin offs focused on him alone, his powers are particularly intriguing as he can heal extremely quickly but most of all has noticeably large silver claws which are perfect for combat and fighting.

Originally in the comics the character is portrayed as a cat like creature with yellow and blue armour and clothing however in the movies he’s human like with a simple white vest and jeans played by the actor Hugh Jackman.


wolverine clawsYou didn’t think I’d forget the claws did you? Don’t be silly these are the main attraction of the whole outfit and something you want to get right.

Click for Pictured Claws

They may look menacing in the movies but in real life they need to be safe so either use sturdy card painted silver attached to your hands using clear rubber gloves or get a toy replica which will have an added touch of authenticity.

The pictured claws are convenient for someone who doesn’t want to spend time making it themselves just add a pair of long blue gloves to keep them in place in the palm of your hand.


The first few items you’ll need are fairly simple and chances are you already own some of them. First off a white vest, this can be sourced from your local thrift store. If you like add a few rips and tears here and there to give it a realistic look.


Then a pair of blue denim jeans, chances are you have a pair already that you can use so I won’t list them here. If not the local thrift store is your best friend although other options are available.


Keeping with the other items his boots are fairly simple too, a pair of brown combat boots will work well although they can be black or another dark color if you like.

Brown Leather Jacket

brown leather biker jacketAfter that an optional brown leather jacket, by the reference image below you can see this person has decided to opt to wear one however above the person hasn’t so either way is fine.

Click for Pictured Jacket

Wolverine’s leather jacket has three strips of lighter brown material at the middle of the arms and a strip of the same color at the bottom of the jacket.

To the side is an option for you that would work well for this character, it’s an appropriate shade of brown and is the typical biker style you’re looking for although it doesn’t have the stripes.

If you’re going the do it yourself route then this can be a little tricky to accomplish a sewing machine will be required, pick up the strips of light brown leather at a crafts store or thrift store like above but aim to keep the seams out of sight.

Otherwise simply wear a solid brown jacket instead for less hassle. Underneath the jacket you can simply wear the vest or optionally add a dark red shirt which Wolverine can be seen wearing in some scenes.


wolverine wigNow onto hair, I doubt Wolverine really spends a lot of time on his but that doesn’t stop it taking on a gravity defying appearance. This can be replicated with heaps of gel and a comb until you get the desired effect using either of the above images as a reference.

Click For Pictured Wig



Alternatively pick up a wig like the one to the side which has has two peaks on the left and right no gel required.

Wigs are not always necessary though even if your hair is brown like this guys, if you decide to style it yourself this would be the end result.

We got quite a lot of ground covered there, enough to help you create this costume for yourself but if you’re having any trouble or suggestions simply pop a comment in the box below.

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