Yu Gi Oh cosplay

Yu Gi Oh was the first ever anime that I watched (the original series) and boy did I love it, I fondly remember waiting each week for the new episode on Nickelodeon it was torture to wait that long for each 30 minute episode that seemed to finish way too quick.

I loved the characters and the playing cards so much that I bought and traded numerous decks with friends and learned how to play duel monsters, I ever bought one of those duel disk things so that I could feel I was actually part of the show. I didn’t go as far as cosplaying but I probably would have given the opportunity.

The show is set in a fictional world where everything is ruled by a trading card game, when people have an argument they settle it by playing duel monsters. There are no laws all that matters is the game.

I am going to be focusing on the original series for this article and will do follow ups considering the GX series simply because the original was my favorite and even though it had more filler it was the first anime I watched and so it holds a place in my heart and I didn’t think they tried to make it modern like GX but more authentic.


Yugi is of course going to be the main character most people will want to cosplay and he is a great choice at that especially for his crazy hair style that screams anime even to those who are not fans.

The elements that make up this cosplay are as follow, a simple black t shirt with the arms cut real short up to the shoulders if possible, simple blue pants and some shoes or sneakers.

For the added detail you will need a black belt with a silver buckle in the middle, he also wears a little blue belt across his neck, then finally black belts around the wrists or if you want a wristband which may be more suitable. Wear a blue lengthly jacket with white insides and create the golden millennium puzzle using cardboard and a metal chain.

The last and probably the hardest bit is the hairpiece which is in typical manga/anime style sticking up as if it has gallons of hair spray on it, you can be creative and use colored card, hair dye or using easy felt.


Someone on Youtube used a really cool technique of using easy felt cutting it into shape with the jagged hair style as a guide and then gluing blond, black and purple hair on to those jagged pieces of felt.


I remember Mai most from her obsession with Harpy Lady cards and the attachment she had of them, I distinctly remember her forfeiting a duel by putting her hand over her deck because she know he Harpie Ladies were going to get destroyed in battle my Yugi’s monsters.

Joey Wheeler

Joey has to be my favorite character from the entire series, he went from being a beginner who didn’t have a balanced deck to having one of the most balanced and interesting desks and one I preferred even more than Yugi’s with his legendary Red Eyes Black Dragon and Flaming Swordsman.


Even at a young age I liked Pegasus for his quirkiness maybe I related or something I don’t know  I especially liked his dueling style and the cards which he used mostly his toon monsters which prompted me to get the exact same deck.

Seto Kaiba

This is the final character in my top five (I might update with more characters in the future) for now anyway, his deck is probably the most popular one that people collected when I was younger and my friends were into it aswell along with probably the most popular card aswell which was Blue Eyes White Dragon.

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