Life Is Strange Chloe Cosplay

Life is Strange is a multi-platform adventure video game that was released episodically in six instalments from January to October 2015. It follows the adventures of Max Caulfield who finds out she can rewind time. The game focuses on how the player deals with this weird phenomena and how they navigate the increasingly complex storyline as Max tries […]

Max Caulfield Cosplay

In this post we’ll be showing you how to put together your own Max Caulfield cosplay from the video game: Life is Strange. There’s everything you need to transform into this character including: wig, shirt & jacket, satchel, jeans and shoes as well as a makeup tutorial (including freckles) to bring everything together. Life is Strange is […]

2D Gorillaz Cosplay

Gorillaz is an English band created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett in 1998 that features four animated characters: 2D as main vocals, Murdoc as bass guitarist, Noodle as the guitarist, and Russell Hobbs as drums and percussion. In this post we’ll be focusing on 2D who as we said above is the band’s main […]

Noodle Gorillaz Cosplay

When I saw my favorite cosplayer to follow on Instagram (KieraPlease) cosplay Noodle from Gorrilaz I knew I had to make a tutorial on the blog. If you didn’t already know Gorillaz is a virtual band made by the British artists Damon Albarn and  Jamie Hewlett which consists of four animated members: 2-D (lead), Murdoc Niccals […]

Princess Mulan Costume

Mulan is a 1998 animated musical drama movie by Disney which is loosely based on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan, a female warrior from China’s Southern and Northern Dynasties. The film focuses on Mulan as she pretends to be a man taking her fathers place during a conscription to counter a Hun invasion. It dealt with complex […]

Forrest Gump Costume

Forrest Gump was book by Winston Gloom that was turned into a feature film back in 1994, it has remained a classic 90’s film to this day and became one of Tom Hanks most memorable movies. The book and subsequent movie focus on the adventures of Forrest Gump from Alabama, who over the course of […]

Sailor Mars Costume

Sailor Moon is an anime series by Japanese author Naoko Takeuchi which focuses on the adventures of Sailor Moon: a schoolgirl with superpowers. She’s also the leader of the Sailor Soldiers consisting of Sailor: Mars, Mercury, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Uranus, Neptune. Sailor Mars is one member of the Sailor Soldiers and her powers are of fire […]

Sailor Mercury Costume

Sailor Moon is an anime series by Japanese author Naoko Takeuchi about a schoolgirl who can transform into Sailor Moon aka the leader of the Sailor Soldiers. Their mission is to battle against villains who are trying to steal the Silver Crystal and destroy the Solar System. Sailor Mercury is one such character from the […]

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